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His Destined Path Chapter 3179

Chapter 3179

How is it possible?

How could this be possible?

He couldn’t believe it, but the intense pain that rolled through his entire body in his five organs was constantly telling him that it was all real.

Yes, Han Qianqian was rushed back by a distance of half a step.

But that was because of the huge inertia brought about by this guy coming from afar, so that Han Qianqian, who was braking with stillness, would naturally be knocked back.

But being knocked back did not mean that he had lost.

It was like a motorbike hitting a car on the side of the road, the car would naturally be knocked back by inertia, but did that mean the motorbike had knocked over the car?

The car may have moved, but the more fragile motorbike was obviously almost scrapped as well.

Right now, Han Qianqian and this Lone Master were both of these.

Although the lone master did appear to have won, his body was like hitting an iron mountain, the powerful inertia and impact simply not being able to fully withstand it.

Naturally, his organs shook and he suffered internal injuries, and it was only natural for blood to gush out of his body as he moved a little.

Little Spring Flower, who had been the least energetic, saw the situation and her eyes came to life, while those onlookers, who had smiled in advance, were all staring at him with astonishment.

It was like seeing a ghost.

“No, no, this can’t be ……” Master Lone still didn’t want to believe that this was the truth, even though at this point his body could no longer even support him to still stand in place.

There was no way he would lose, especially to this unbelievably weak looking trash little white boy in front of him.


But no more reluctance, the mind thought so, but the body was incredibly honest.

With a loud boom, his entire body hit the ground heavily, unable to stand up again.

The flying sword that had broken Master Lone’s true energy envelope flew back to his side in time, and Han Qianqian slowly stood up.

As he stood up, the crowd of onlookers took several steps backwards, leaving nothing else within 10 metres of Han Qianqian.

However, at that moment, a burst of applause rang out.

“Pop, pop, pop!”

Although the applause was lonely, it seemed unusually harsh at this moment.

When he looked back at the sound, he saw a black shadow standing on top of an earthen wall not far behind him.

However, although that black shadow looked like a black shadow, on closer inspection, it appeared to be nothing at all.

“Wonderful and wonderful, truly wonderful.”

A voice, slowly, came out from there.

When he heard this voice, Han Qianqian felt extremely uncomfortable, but before he could adjust, the people around him all knelt down in unison, and Little Spring Flower was instantly covered in sweat, scared out of his wits.

“Greetings to the Ghostly Dignitary.”

Almost simultaneously, all the people present shouted in a neat and respectful manner.

The Ghostly Dignitary?

Hearing them be so humble, and hearing this title, Han Qianqian knew that the man must be of great importance.

As for Master Lone, who was lying on the ground, seeing Han Qianqian’s gaze, he suddenly burst out laughing wildly.

“Brat, you’re done for.” He laughed frantically and coldly.

Even though Han Qianqian had been brought down by the connections Little Spring Flower had found, however, none of this had any meaning in front of the Ghostly Exalted.

Because in this city, the Ghost Exalted was the supreme leader.

Everything here was up to him.

Including, the life and death of all beings.

It is just that the Demon King would never personally appear in a place like the Underworld, which is so filthy that it would not be worthy of his supreme status.

This time, I don’t know whether it was his own luck or the kid in front of him, even the old man helped himself, the Ghostly Exalted One had personally appeared here.

Thinking of this, Master Lone was immediately excited, forcing himself to endure the pain in his body and reluctantly kneeling down, “Eastern District Supervisor Lone Sea, meet Lord Ghost Exalted.”

With those words, he pointed to Han Qianqian next to him and said, “Ghost Venerable, this son is Little Spring Flower ……”

“You don’t need to say much, everything, I already know.”

Hearing this, Master Lone was even happier, since the Ghost Dignitary knew all this, then obviously the Ghost Dignitary had come and was bound to clear the door, this would be a good show ……