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His Destined Path Chapter 3181

Chapter 3181

Surprisingly, it was him!

The ghostly daddy who had been standing opposite himself!

After all, even if he had thought about it, he would never have thought that this incomparably sinister and evil-looking so-called big brother would beat up his own men because of himself.

Not only was Han Qianqian astonished, but even Master Lone was also full of questions at this moment.

He could not understand why his big brother would suddenly strike himself.

“Ghost Venerable, it is my subordinate who is incompetent.” Thinking about it, I was afraid that it was only because of his own incompetence that he had caused the Ghost Venerable to beat himself up, therefore, at the thought of this, Master Lone did not have the slightest bit of the kind of strength he had towards Han Qianqian, instead, he was still unusually humble.

“I don’t know why you’re being beaten, you’re simply a waste.” The ghostly daddy let out a cold cry, followed by a movement in his hand.


There was another loud bang, and Master Lone’s body once again moved rapidly backwards, scaring bystanders into dodging before he stopped with a muffled thud against the edge of the earth wall.

Blood spurted out of his mouth for several metres, and he was almost dizzy, unable to move a muscle.

Earlier, if his organs were damaged, now, Master Lone could clearly feel that several of his ribs had been broken inside his body.

Many of these ribs had even been inserted into his liver and lungs in a very subtle manner.

It was impartial, neither completely fatal, but definitely to the point of being the most painful.

This was the style in which the Ghostly Djinn acted!

“My subordinate is foolish, I don’t know what I did wrong, such as to make Your Holiness so unhappy.” Although Master Lone could not move his body, he still hurriedly and carefully asked.

“The Demon Lord is here, when is it your turn to make a casual move like this little supervisor?” A sharp woman’s voice came, yet no sound could be seen coming from, yet it felt unusually still.

Han Qianqian studied it carefully, but was shocked to find that the voice was coming from behind the Ghostly Dignity.

This made Han Qianqian feel a bit strange, as it seemed that the ghost was only a human body, not like there were other people.

But if that was the case, could it be that he was talking to himself just now?

That seemed a little bit more absurd.

“I was just teaching that brat a lesson for the Demon Lord.” The Lone Master was not surprised at all and said, holding back his body’s pain.

“A lesson?” The female voice laughed coldly, “Lone Sea, this is the reason why you will die today.”

At the end of the sentence, a black shadow suddenly pa*sed by, and when the next second came, a hand made of black qi was already stuck deadly around Master Lone’s throat, lifting his entire body up like a dead dog.

“The subordinate …… subordinate is really …… really unknown ah.”

“In you, but a mere supervision, just a dog, in him, but the guest of the ghost daddy, try to ask, a dog dares to be rude to the guest, and what should be the end?” The female voice sneered.

“If a dog is rude to a guest, he should be killed by a thousand cuts.” Master Lone, who was stuck in a death grip, blurted out almost without thinking.

Hearing these words, the female voice laughed coldly.

However, at this moment, after Master Lone had finished speaking, his pupils suddenly widened, there was no doubt that he was a dog under the Ghost Emperor, but the guests ……

Han three thousand?

Is …… that kid?

How is it possible?

How is this possible?

The actual fact is that he is just a little white boy who was brought back to the house by the little spring flower to enjoy.

How could he possibly be the guest of a person of the level of the Ghost Dignity?

He reluctantly raised his eyes to look at Han Qianqian in the distance, and with dismay and reluctance, he took the last, and perhaps the most confusing, journey of his life as the black hand made its way.

As Master Lone broke off, and with the words of the female voice, all those present lost all momentum and looked towards Han Qianqian in terror, while the large force almost unconsciously stepped back in unison, keeping an instant distance from Han Qianqian.

“What are you all still standing there for?” The female voice shouted coldly.

In the next second, all the people present knelt down on the ground in fear at the sound of the voice, followed by a fierce kowtowing to Han Qianqian: “We, the untouchables, make amends like the honoured guest, I hope the honoured guest will forgive us.”

The sound of the unison was so loud that the whole audience was shocked.

Little Spring Flower looked up incredulously at Han Qianqian and the Ghostly Dignitary, and not to mention her, even Han Qianqian, who was at this moment, looked back at the Ghostly Dignitary with rather puzzled eyes.

What does this mean ……?