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His Destined Path Chapter 3182

Chapter 3182

As a matter of fact, Han Qianqian was new to the city and did not dare to say that he had any blood feud with this man, but with the dog man and the bear man being killed by themselves one after another, so the minimum hatred that was definitely there.

The two groups of people should at least be on the same level, but now this ghostly ……

It does make Han Qianqian a bit confused.

The ability to offset each other peacefully is basically something Han Qianqian wouldn’t dare to think about, and as a result, he also flatters himself directly as a top guest.

He seemed not to care at all about Han Qianqian’s misgivings, looking back at Han Qianqian with a soft smile, speaking again in his eerie male voice: “As a guest of this honor, I dare not say above ten thousand, but at least I can roam around the city without anyone daring to stop me.”

“If anyone disrespects you, it is disrespectful to this daddy.”

He said his words, but Han Qianqian did not answer them in time, let alone relax his guard.

As the saying goes, if you don’t have anything to offer, you are either treacherous or a thief, and this guy must have his premeditations.

“Little friend, would you be free to go and have a drink, when that is the case?” He chuckled softly.

Hearing this, looking at Han Qianqian thinking again, Little Spring Flower hurriedly tried to remind Han Qianqian, but saw Han Qianqian slightly waving his hand at her, looking back at the ghostly daddy with the same eyes, and smiling, “Yes.”

“Good, good, good, crisp.” It seemed that even he himself had not expected Han Qianqian to be so forthcoming, and at the same time, he was shocked and more than happy.

“I will first go back and take care of things, in three hours, I will send someone to greet you.” After saying that, the ghost daddy smiled gently and turned to look at everyone present, saying in a cold voice, “If anyone neglects this honoured guest again, I guarantee that they will end up far worse than Lone Sea. As for whether or not you will have this chance in the future, it is better to be forgiven by my distinguished guest first, otherwise, all prepare to go into the furnace.”


The following shouted in unison, very respectful.

However, when the group finished shouting and raised their eyes again, there was no Ghost Djinn in front of them, but only one Han Qianqian remained, standing there with a slight frown on his face.

Seeing that the Ghost Dignitary had left, the group kowtowed again in unison.

“Distinguished guest, my humble eyes did not recognize Mount Tai, and I have neglected you, please spare your life.”

“Yes, yes, it’s all because of that D*mned Lone Sea, he used some despicable tactics, so that we were deceived, which …… led to a big mistake for a while.”

“That’s right, it’s all because of the D*mned Lone Sea, we will whip his corpse later.”

A group of people begged Han Qianqian, cursed Lone Sea, a time lively, but one thing is certain, no matter which method they are, the ultimate goal is only one.

That was to make the depression in Han Qianqian’s heart, at least, dissipate.

“Alright, get up all.” Han Qianqian blandly let out.

Han Qianqian had no interest in hurting them from the start, otherwise, he would have just offered the little black stick at that moment, why would he have fought and kicked them?

When they heard Han Qianqian’s words, the large group of people kneeling on the ground let out a long breath, and a smile gradually appeared on their worried faces.

“The VIP has forgiven us? That means we don’t have to die, let alone go down to the furnace?”

“Hahahahaha, great, great, the VIP is mighty, the VIP is atmospheric.”

The more the gang thought about it, the happier they became, and there was even no shortage of people dancing with their hands.

“I can see why our big beautiful little spring flower would look at such a man. If it were me, I’d f*cking love to.”

“That’s not true, not only is the VIP handsome, he’s also so skilled, and most importantly, even our Ghostly Dignitary holds him in high regard. We know how he is, and it’s not often that he treats him like a guest of honour.”

“That’s a good point, it’s rare to find someone who isn’t killed by the Demonfather, and those who can be treated like that by the Demonfather can be counted on one hand.”

“A talented man and a beautiful woman, a natural pair, almost let that D*mned Lone Sea fool us.”

Seeing that the crowd had not only calmed down their anger, but also praised Han Qianqian, Xiao Chunhua’s pretty face finally showed a smile again.

At this moment, seeing Han Qianqian turn towards herself, Xiao Chunhua subconsciously smiled, but then suddenly thought of something and her eyebrows turned unusually tight ……