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His Destined Path Chapter 3185

Chapter 3185

The smell, it was very strange.

There was something stinky, the kind of stench that is like someone is using waste oil to fry something that is not fresh meat.

But in the midst of the stench, there was a hint of fragrance.

The overall smell, on the other hand, was quite a bit on the brain.

“What is this strange smell?” The pangolin sniffed its nose and couldn’t help but say in a depressed manner.

Han Qianqian didn’t answer, and followed the smell all the way to the wall, and actually found that the strongest part of this smell was actually the fireplace wall beside him.

This meant that these strange smells were emanating from the furnace in front of him.

“What the hell is in here?” Xia Wei couldn’t help but look at Xiao Chun Hua in wonder.

Little Spring Flower smiled gently and did not answer, instead she looked at Han Qianqian next to her and asked rhetorically, “You have come all the way from the edge of the Red Earth Land, you should know quite a bit about how barren this land is, right?”

Xia Wei frowned, not asking too many questions about this, after all, the four of them had travelled all the way to the Red Earth, and they really had a deep impression of it.

It couldn’t even be called barren, it could only be called barren land.

It really was a place where there wasn’t even a hair on the ground, nothing but sand and dirt.

“Since it is barren, don’t you have any other questions?” Little Spring Flower said with a bitter smile.

Other questions?

Obviously, Xiao Chunhua’s words had a meaning, so to be honest, Han Qianqian did not rush to answer, but quickly thought about what Xiao Chunhua wanted to ask.

But what kind of question could a barren person ask?

Han Qianqian thought about it, but could not answer it. On the other hand, the pangolin next to him opened his mouth like his grandmother was on drugs and asked a bunch of questions.

But it was obvious that almost none of these questions were what Little Spring Peach wanted.

While thinking and listening to the Pangolin being pa*sed one after another, Han Qianqian’s thoughts spread even further, and his eyes unintentionally glanced at the people who were still busy.

Suddenly, Han Qianqian seemed to think of something, followed by a quick turn around and looked at Xiaochun Hua: “The people take food as the sky, whether it’s a demon or a devil, a human or a god, there’s always a need to eat.”

Upon hearing this, Xia Wei also snapped to attention.

“Yes, Brother Three Thousand is right, this underground world is immense, and that Lone Sea is still only calling itself the Eastern District overseen, which means there might be a Western District, a Southern District, and even a Northern District.”

“So, if there are so many people in one district, how many people should there be in those districts?”

“So many people, yet they live in such a barren place, what will they eat?”

Yes, and many of the people here seem to be no more than ordinary people, so the more ordinary people are, the greater the need for food tends to be.

So, what to eat is a huge question, and I’m sure it’s also the question that Little Spring Flower would like to get by using barrenness as an excuse.

Little Spring Flower smiled gently and bitterly, “What I want, that is exactly what I want.”

“What to eat!”

Then she turned back slightly and looked at the busy crowd around her, “The truth is that nothing really grows in the land of the red earth, and there is absolutely no food whatsoever produced.”

“Yet, you people here are all quite sturdy, you don’t look like you’ve grown up starving.” The pangolin rubbed its head.

“They’re definitely not starving.” The old man shook his head, “I’m already quite capable of starving, given the limited conditions in the land of the snow. However, although I have been starving from time to time, I have always gained something, and I have been able to supplement some nutrition occasionally.”

“But even so, old-timer, you are very thin and skinny, but these people ……” Xia Wei frowned, looking at these rather strong people present, and her eyes were even more filled with deep questions.

The old man and the pierced beetle, almost as well, wondered what the hell was going on here.

“Could it be that, like the Land of Extreme Snow, this place is actually barren looking, but actually has its own great lake?” The Mountain Piercing Armor speculated.

“Unlikely.” The old man shook his head firmly.

Let’s start with the impossibility of making most of the people here extremely strong; it was also clearly difficult just to get so many people to survive.

So that possibility, too, was almost non-existent.

Unless ……

Obviously, Han Qianqian had thought of something there as well, and he suddenly looked into the furnace with a frown, as if he had thought of something extremely frightening.

“It can’t be ……” The old man’s side also paled instantly ……