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His Destined Path Chapter 3186

Chapter 3186

The two looked at each other almost simultaneously in horror, obviously, with the answer already in their hearts.

It was also at this point that Han Qianqian finally understood the fundamental reason why Xiaochun Hua had wanted to speak but stopped when they asked what the furnace was for.

If Han Qianqian had been her, she would have been the same as her.

After all, it was quite embarra*sing to say it out loud.

Thinking of this, both of them did not say anything, but it was the piercing beetle and Xia Wei on the side who were depressed when they saw that the two of them were almost the same as Xiaochun Hua just now.

“Holy sh*t, is this some kind of contagious disease? You two know what after the miscellaneous and small spring flowers look the same? Can’t you come up with a human sentence?” The pangolin was bitter.

Xia Wei also nodded blankly, desperate to know the answer.

Han Qianqian smiled bitterly and wanted the old man to tell them the answer, but the old man also looked away, obviously not willing to open this mouth either.

This made the two of them very anxious, and they were about to grab Han Qianqian and ask him for a clear answer.

At that moment, a strange sound came.

When everyone looked back, they saw four big men pushing a cart slowly over.

The cart had two wheels, and the plates were hard iron, which were quite rusty, but apparently incomparably smooth.

It had been soaked in water for a long time, causing the plates to rust, and because of the smoothness of the surface when exposed to water from time to time, this was the reason for the condition.

The cart is about two metres long and about eighty centimetres wide, which is somewhat large.

However, in front of the four big men it looked extremely small.

The four men came all the way to the furnace before stopping and seeing Han Qianqian and the others also standing beside it, at which point the four big men hastily knelt down: “Greetings, distinguished guests.”

“I didn’t know the distinguished guests were here, so we are reckless and will withdraw.” After saying this, the four men looked at each other, got up and intended to drag the cart away.

Xiao Chunhua glanced at Han Qianqian, and when she saw him nod, she took a step forward and said softly, “You four don’t leave yet.”

“What is your order?” The four of them turned back respectfully and said politely.

“He’s just here to see how we work, what will he see if you leave?” Little Spring Flower said in a soft voice.

The four men smiled and looked at each other, obviously a little surprised.

However, thinking that Han Qianqian was the guest of honour of the ghost daddy, again it seemed that this surprise turned out to be reasonable.

After thinking about it, they didn’t say anything more.

“You guys work normally, don’t let the VIPs affect your progress, after all, if you overstay your time, you know ……” Little Spring Flower said this and didn’t say any more.

But obviously, these four people know what will happen if they overstay their time, and on the spot, they stunned each other, then they all bowed in unison towards Han Qianqian and worshipped, “Then, thank you for the VIP’s kindness, we …… will work now.”

The four of them got up and went towards the furnace.

Little Spring Flower also appropriately led the four people to retreat to the side, keeping a certain distance from the big furnace, but not hindering the four people from working the distance.

In this way, as Little Spring Flower and the others moved aside, the four men worked with a light hand and a clear division of labour.

One man held the cart, which had been moved to the side of the stove, while another brought a long ladder and set it up next to the cooker, which was exactly the same length as the cooker.

Another man brought a large iron hook with a sharp point, the cold light of which could even be seen.

After handing the hook to the last man, he and the man with the ladder steadied the bottom of the ladder together, while the last remaining man climbed up the ladder with the iron hook all the way to the top of the furnace.

As he pushed the hook into the water, a hot breath of air rose from the furnace while a gurgle of water rang out.


He carried the hook with a sudden force, and after another watery sound, a long object wrapped in a bag was dragged straight out of the furnace by him.

As soon as the object came out, all of a sudden, boiling water kept dripping down and spreading all over the floor next to the cooker.

“What is this thing?” The pangolin frowned, looking unbelievingly at the thing on the hook.

The top was covered with a bag, so it was impossible to see exactly what it was, but the water being dragged out of the bag made several people, at this point, jaws drop.

The colour of blood red.

Moreover, the colour was extremely dark, not even any different from real blood.


Almost at the same time, the man made a strong fling, and the object on the hook was instantly thrown directly on top of the crate.

With this loud sound, the bag ruptured and it seemed that the contents of the bag could be vaguely glimpsed ……