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His Destined Path Chapter 3190

Chapter 3190

When that pair of jade backs were directly exposed in front of Han Qianqian, he must admit that he was dumbfounded.

How could he have imagined that Little Spring Flower would suddenly do such a thing?

Han Qianqian blushed and was about to turn his head away when, to his dismay, he suddenly saw that, between her neck and her left shoulder, there was a string of red numbers that stood out.

“Eight, seven, nine, one, four.”

Han Qianqian gently read out the string of numbers.

“This is my code.” Little Spring Flower spoke, draping the torn clothes on her body back down, not caring that there were always some gaps behind her back.

“The code?” Han Qianqian said.

“That’s right, everyone has a code after birth, and it’s not until they reach adulthood that this code will start to take effect completely.” Little Spring Flower said with a bitter smile.

Han Qianqian frowned, “You mean that the lottery is conducted almost every day here, and the people who are drawn are the food, right?”

Little Spring Flower nodded.

“What a beast.” Xia Wei said angrily.

“And if you’re not drawn? Just take charge of the work?” Han Qianqian said.

“It’s a matter for the men.” Little Spring Flower said.

“What about the women?” Xia Wei wondered.

It was indeed strange to say that although there were indeed quite a few people underground in this Eastern District, most of them were mainly men, and although there were women and children, there were indeed very few.

“The women naturally need to work just as much.” Little Spring Flower said bitterly.

“Any woman here is basically just a tool from birth to death.”

“No matter how beautiful or ugly they are, they are just tools for procreation, and being better looking is just one more thing to play with. There’s no resistance, the ultimate goal is to get pregnant and have children, year after year. If you’re quite fertile, your number is less likely to be swung, and vice versa is more likely.”

Hearing these flowers from Xiaochunhua, Han Qianqian’s teeth clenched, and Xia Wei was similarly filled with anger.

How could such a thing be done by a human being?

This was no different from a beast.

“Those who are shaken to the number will be killed, bled and put into bags, then scattered along the chains in each district, then cooked and sent to the upper level through the big ovens in each district.”

“As for us, we would eat the leftover aka discarded entrails.” When she said this, Little Spring Flower bowed her head even more deeply, in addition to being bitter.

As far as she was concerned, she was a hair-drinking monster, and naturally, compared to Han Qianqian and Xia Wei, she was more than a step below.

“Your other seven sisters and two sisters, it is because they were shaken to the number …… so ……” Han Qianqian did not say more.

“Yes, and also my parents.” At that, Little Spring Flower let out another bitter laugh, “Or rather, mother and many fathers.”

“Many fathers?”

“Who cares who the father of the child is as long as they can get the women here pregnant?” Little Spring Flower laughed bitterly.

Han Qianqian and Xia Wei were instantly silent; it was obvious that what happened to Little Spring Flower was a matter of human and divine anger.

“Then have you ever thought of escaping from here? You are both their slaves and their food, even pigs aren’t treated like this.” Xia Wei said heartily.

Little Spring Flower smiled bitterly, “Of course I’ve thought about it.”

“Then ……”

Xia Wei wanted to say something else, but at that moment she was stopped by Han Qianqian, who had certainly thought about escaping from here.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t have appeared outside the city gates with those dog people, let alone being spoken to like that by that bear man.

Clearly, she had not only thought about it, she had also done it.

For a woman so thin and weak to face those rough men of the bears would be a nightmare for anyone.

Therefore, Han Qianqian did not want Xia Wei’s questioning to make her remember those painful past.

Raising his hand, he gently patted Little Spring Flower’s shoulder, “No matter what happened before, but I promise you that you won’t even suffer from all this in the future, and I will take you away from here.”

“Yes, what Brother Three Thousand promised you, I can definitely do it.”

“Thanks.” Little Spring Flower nodded.

Han Qianqian smiled gently, gave a comforting look, and was about to say something more when, at that moment, the energy shield suddenly trembled wildly.

The three of them instantly looked at each other nervously ……