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His Destined Path Chapter 3189

Chapter 3189

“Asking questions for a good reason, you miscellaneous suddenly talk about your other names? Besides, the name “Patty” really doesn’t sound as good as your Little Spring Flower. It’s so corny.” The pangolin was originally thinking carefully about the question, just like Han Qianqian.

Although he knew he wasn’t as smart as Han Qianqian, what if a ton of blind thoughts came to him?

Only, who knew that while he was thinking seriously, Little Spring Flower suddenly interjected with such a remark.

Han Qianqian suddenly smiled and looked at the old man, obviously, Little Spring Flower had given a huge hint.

Ti, which originally had no special meaning, often took on a new meaning with the birth of some customs.

So it is often used in conjunction with the word 招 (zhao), which is often taken as a nickname for daughters in general families, in the hope that the next child will be a boy. It is for this reason that the name Zhaodi is so common.

The name Xiaochunhua also has an eight.

This means that she has at least seven other sisters.

However, Xiao Chunhua’s house is not very large, so even five people, not to mention eight, would be crowded, and there is no sign of any other household items or traces in the house.

This suggests that Little Spring Flower is currently living alone.

So, where are her seven sisters?

Whenever she did not say her nickname, she suddenly told Han Qianqian at this time, so naturally, she must be referring to something.

The seven sisters who did not live together were the most likely ones.

Therefore, in connection with this topic, Han Qianqian suddenly seemed to have thought of an extremely horrible possibility.

He frowned fiercely, and his body retreated slightly: “Impossible, right?”

Seeing Han Qianqian look so shocked, the old man and Xia Wei almost subconsciously reflected as well, their faces instantly pale.

Only the piercing beetle, looking at the expressions of the three, his entire person was numb and dumbfounded.

His grandmother, what the hell is happening here? Why did these three guys all suddenly turn abnormally scared? Even Han Qianqian was like this?

He wanted to ask, but suddenly felt that the three of them all understood, but only he didn’t seemed extremely embarra*sed, so the whole person squirmed completely in place and was about to explode on the spot.

“Sir Han, what have you thought of?” Little Spring Flower asked with a laugh, ignoring the three’s horrified looks.

Seeing how open-minded she was, Han Qianqian asked tentatively, “If my guess is right, all seven of your sisters should be gone, right?”

“Two more sisters, to be precise.” She laughed.

Sure enough!

Han Qianqian formed a fist with one hand and smashed it on top of his other palm.

Sure enough, it was exactly what he had guessed.

“Brother Three-thousand, it can’t really be here …… here ……” Xia Wei also figured it out and looked at Han Three-thousand with difficulty, obviously somewhat unable to accept this fact.

“Phew.” The old man also let out a long breath to relieve his heart of the depressed air.

Han Qianqian looked at Xia Wei and nodded fiercely, “That’s right. People eat people.”

The reason why so many of the people here were still alive and well was that their food was themselves.

Hearing this, the piercing beetle’s scalp was also numb for a while, he pulled his hair as he said with unacceptable shock, “This …… how is this possible?”

The old man let out a cold laugh: “What’s impossible? With so many people, is there any other possibility for them to survive?”

Yes, with such a large population and such a barren place, what else could they possibly have to eat!

Even if one could no longer believe it, one had to admit that this was the only reasonable explanation left.

Compared to the four people’s surprise, at this moment, Little Spring Flower was much lighter as she gently smiled, “Let me show you something, and you will understand.”

With those words, Little Spring Flower gently glanced at Han Qianqian, then slightly took his hand: “May I use your hand for a moment?”

Han Qianqian was unsure, but after a little consideration, he nodded his head.

At this point, he was very puzzled and curious as to what Little Spring Flower wanted to show him.

“I only want to show you and Miss Xia Wei, so ……” said Little Spring Flower, glancing at the old man and the pierced beetle next to him, and then at the crowd next to him.

Han Qianqian nodded again, and Xia Wei understood, a simple energy covered the three of them.

Almost simultaneously, Little Spring Flower also took Han Sanchi’s hand and placed him on his back, allowing him to grip the back collar of his shirt before jerking his torso.

“Tear and pull!”

Her blouse was instantly torn ……