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His Destined Path Chapter 3197

Chapter 3197

“I would have treasured the talent, but nay, you are really foolish, in that case, then I will not say anything more.”

The words fell and the black shadow dissipated.

The tall monsters around them also began to swing and drag their respective weapons with cold intent on their faces as they slowly pressed closer towards Han Qianqian.

“It’s up to you.” Han Qianqian glanced at the sword in his hand, and in the next second, his body transformed, like a cold light, and ran straight into the crowd.

Almost at the same time as he went out, the long sword transformed into the little black stick hovered slightly in the air and charged in the opposite direction of Han Qianqian.

One man and one sword, one shadow and one light, quiet as a virgin, moving like a rabbit.

Even though the surrounding crowd had already prepared, they were still in a hurry when faced with the sudden attack of one man and one sword.

The army, which had been quite neat and tidy like a legion, disintegrated in an instant with the arrival of one man and one sword, especially within a few metres of the front row, which was a chaotic mess.

Some people didn’t even know what was going on, while others had already been knocked backwards, and some had even lost their lives without knowing why.

Han Qianqian’s side was like this, but the little black sword there was fierce.

It was as if it was being manipulated by a ghost god, cutting people’s throats, and many people could not even see the shadow of it before their necks were already in pain.

The power of the human sword is unstoppable!

However, this unstoppable force was not truly invincible, as time delayed, it was clear that the advantages of the human sea tactics were beginning to show themselves.

On Han Qianqian’s side, in particular, his speed had become slower and slower as the encirclement shrank, and once he slowed down he had to endure frantic blows from all sides.

This not only depleted his strength, but also pushed him into a desperate situation.

Looking back at the other side, although the little black stick was brave, after the surprise attack was over, the gang had also started to learn to resist the attacks indiscriminately, and the absolute advantage was slowly starting to be gluttonous.

Right now, the situation had to be broken.

And the hope of this breakthrough could only be seen in Han Qianqian himself.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian felt his body gently directly after deflecting the attack next to him.

“Just right.”

Han Qianqian couldn’t help but be excited, after waiting for more than three hours, the Earth’s Seal had finally started to dissipate almost at this point.

This also meant that at this point, Han Qianqian could basically truly bring his full strength into play.

“Today, for me to leave this place, and for those unjust souls who have died.”

With these words, Han Qianqian’s eyes were as cold as a blanket, and the Qi in his body exploded out of his body, and his entire body was suddenly like a lion waking up from sleep, as he roared, pouncing like a tiger, like a dragon.



In a lonely land, a vast procession, several miles long, walked within it in a vast manner.

In the centre of it, a large banner with the word Ye was raised extremely high, and beneath it was a palanquin like a walking bed of immense proportions.

Inside, a man lies in the centre of the palanquin, surrounded by swallows and swarthy women.

They fed the man fruit with enthusiasm, or kneaded him attentively, and the man enjoyed it with pleasure, a level of extravagance that was in stark contrast to the solitude outside.

“Commander, there are still half a day left before the city should fall.” A man came quickly at that moment, following the line beside the bed, and said in a soft voice.

If Han Qianqian or Su Yingxia were there, they would have noticed that this man was no other than the former head of the Fu family, Fu Tian.

The dashing man on the bed was no other than the son of the Ye family, Ye Shijun.

Since the night of Fu Mei’s tragedy, this man has been slaughtering cities in the daytime and wrecking women in the evening, his life is so free and fast that to him, even the gods are no better than this.

Ye Shijun nodded, raising his eyes and sweeping a contemptuous glance right in front of him.

Then, with a smile, he looked towards Fu Tian who was following by the walking bed.

At this moment, compared to back then, Fu Tian’s eyes were much more sinister, while his appearance was much younger, and most importantly, at this moment, this guy was all wrapped in a dark aura, looking unusually evil and strange.

But he had already counted well, at least compared to Ye Shijun, it was really a small witch.

The current Ye Shijun would not be suspected by anyone even if he said that he had run away from a pile of dead people.

“Where is that b*tch?” Ye Shijun sneered.