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His Destined Path Chapter 3198

Chapter 3198

“Commander-in-Chief, is that about Fu Mei?” Fu Tian quickly reflected and gently smiled as he tried.

The two families had changed their names from Fu to Ye since Ye Shijun’s inversion, and Ye Shijun was so powerful that he called himself commander-in-chief.

To Fu Tian, it was just a change of master as a dog, and it would not affect him in any way.

“Apart from her, who else can be called a b*tch?” Ye Shijun laughed coldly.

“Just three palanquin behind you.” Fu Tian laughed.

Speaking of this, Fu Tian added one more word and said, “She is your madam after all, so why do you need to ……”

“If she is not a madam, what qualifications does she have to sit in a sedan chair?” Ye Shijun gave a cold hum, and then, with an oblique sweep of his eyes, he said, “What? Do you feel sorry for the people of your Fu family?”

“Fu Mei is only your plaything, this is already the most meaningful part of her existence, why should she feel any pain?” Fu Tian shook his head, not meaning to feel any heartache at all.

“Fu Tian just wonders why you retain his title of Commander’s wife, but treat her ……” said Fu Tian, not saying anything further.

Because at least up to now, Fu Mei’s encounter can not be described as broken shoes, but completely human.

Even when she went to this barbaric land of the devils, every day of Fu Mei’s life was never peaceful.

Every day, Ye Shijun would still capture some strong and healthy demons and force them to insult Fu Mei.

Ye Shijun laughed coldly, “After that b*tch married into my Ye family, she has never looked me in the eye all day long, that b*tch is a watery woman, first Han Qianqian and then Ye Qucheng, since she thinks so much about the men outside, wouldn’t it be better if I satisfied her?”

“As for the position of her wife, I will keep it forever, until the time Han Qianqian falls on her knees before me, then I will make her lose it completely.”

“Only then will she understand how blind she is, and only then will she understand how foolish it is that she had the chance to reach the pinnacle of womanhood, but she didn’t know how to cherish it and had her mind set on another man.”

Hearing Ye Shijun’s cold soft drink, Fu Tian nodded while secretly surprised at Ye Shijun’s means of revenge.

Killing people to kill their hearts was nothing more than that.

It was only poor Fu Mei that she had ended up in such a miserable situation.

“This, indeed, is Fu Mei’s blindness, whether it is that Ye Gucheng or Han Qianqian, even if they are capable in front of people, but compared to the commander-in-chief, they are always quite different.”

“They are gold, indeed they shine, but you are a diamond in the rough, only at the most critical moment will your unique light bloom, how can they be compared?” Fu Tian laughed.

“One day, both of them will submit to your feet, wagging their tails and begging for mercy, no different from that wild dog.”

Hearing Fu Tian’s words, Ye Shijun was extremely happy and laughed loudly, “Soon, soon, this day is getting closer and closer.

I heard from my father that Han Qianqian has already entered the land of the devil tribe for a few days.”

“Where is Han Qianqian now?” Fu Tian asked.

Ye Shijun smiled gently, “Although the land of the devil tribe is out of the extreme north, it is also a very large place, so I don’t know where he is at the moment, but it is certainly not as fast as you and I.”

“This, Fu Tian understands.” Fu Tian smiled and nodded his head.

“Good, continue to set off.” Ye Shijun smiled, “When we arrive at Cailou City, recuperate and have some fun.”

Fu Tian nodded, and with a wave of his hand, the army continued to march towards the front.

At that moment, within the Demon Cloud Ghost City.

With a few “ta-da” sounds, Red Luan walked with long legs, quickly walking towards the ghost daddy who was leisurely sipping wine on a golden table.

The wine was like blood, and I didn’t know whether it was blood or wine, but in any case, the Ghostly Dignitary was drinking at ease.

When he saw Red Luan approaching, the Ghostly Dignitary put down his gla*s of wine and looked straight ahead with a soft voice, waiting for her report.

Hong Luan knelt on one knee, respectful as ever: “Greetings, Ghost Venerable.”

“It’s been half an hour since the fight outside?” The Ghost Venerable was unusually bland.

He was still quite confident in his gang of men, despite some recent…

But even a thin camel was far bigger than a horse.


“That boy should be pretty much injured too, right?” The ghostly djinn laughed lightly, picked up his wine cup, and was about to drink again.

Hong Luan squirmed for a moment, but still opened her mouth, “That boy he …… he still ……”

“Say.” The ghost daddy said blandly.

It looks like that kid is a little stronger than he expected, he thought of him a little too inferior, but even if the injury is not the occasion of death, but at least it is definitely not light.

All this, one can afford.

“He is still all right, but …… but our people, dead and wounded …… have been half.”

Hearing these words, the entire hand of the ghost daddy holding the wine gla*s, froze in mid-air ……