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His Destined Path Chapter 3200

Chapter 3200

Red Luan back to the eyes, the picture is a man, rugged-looking, a look at the extraordinary people, the body muscle cross, tiger, tiger, walking also like the king descending, superhuman.

However, although he is similar in stature to the man in the city, he is not at all in the same cla*s in comparison.

At least, if he was called average, then the people in the city were a bunch of ugly ghosts and monsters.

However, this person was extremely unfamiliar and did not look like she had seen him before.

She had followed the ghostly djinn quite sometimes, but had never seen such a person before.

She wanted to ask, but she chose to keep her mouth shut. After all, the first rule of survival here is to know where you stand.

“What is he doing here?” The Ghostfather frowned slightly.

Hong Luan didn’t say anything, just quietly being her own watcher.

However, there was one thing she could be sure of, and that was that this man was by no means an ordinary person, not because of what Fang had said about his looks, but purely because of the place and direction he had come from.

There were only two entrances to the Red Earth, one was from the south, all the way from the City of Youming, towards the core of the Far North, and the other, naturally, was from the core of the Far North, south to the City of Youming.

The other side had obviously come from that area and was alone.

Such vigour, such a direction, is naturally different from the ordinary.

“Ghost Venerable, what should we do now?” The black shadow asked in a soft voice.

The ghost daddy did not speak, thinking for half a day before seemingly making up his mind: “I will wait in the hall room in the north of the city.”

“What about this kid surnamed Han?” Hong Luan said in a soft, reluctant voice.

Could it be that the brat would be left to his own devices?

He was ……

The ghost daddy hesitated for a moment, stopped talking, turned into a cloud of black Qi, and disappeared from the spot.

And as soon as he left, the black shadows and a dozen other black shadows inside the house also instantly dissipated, and the ten beauties slowly retreated.

Red Luan was helpless, but at this point no sound was better than a sound, and with a slight droop of her head, she too disappeared with him.

The golden house, which had been quite lively just then, was now filled with sighs of relief.

And if this was true inside, how much more so outside?

But among these sighs, there was more sadness.

The bodies were strewn all over the place, and as far as the eye could see, almost all of them were broken arms and bodies, and blood was flowing wildly underneath them.

The hundreds and nearly thousands of people had by now piled up the open space in front of the old house, and it was several dozen centimeters thick.

Han Qianqian stopped and the longsword transformed into a small black stick flew back into his hand as he stood amidst the corpses and coldly swept around.

Han Qianqian was already covered in blood, even his own hair was as if it had been sprayed with heavy rain.

But those eyes, however, were cold and piercing.

Although he did not move, almost with a single glance, nearly half of the monsters around the corpse, who were still alive and strong as oxen, retreated several steps in fear.

They looked at each other in uncertainty, their eyes full of fear.

Terror, too much terror.

Even for bullies like them, who themselves killed and fed on human beings, it was still true.

This guy was one man, yet he was hardened under such a heavy siege, treating lives like gra*s and killing like mad.

Even after witnessing this, they had no idea how this guy had managed to do it.


Suddenly, just at that moment, Han Qianqian suddenly took a step forward.

There were many corpses on the ground, so although Han Qianqian took a step, it was an extremely small step.

But it was such a small step, but it was nothing less than a giant movement in everyone’s eyes.


The whole crowd was like birds of prey, scattering several metres, and some exaggerated ones even turned around and ran away, disappearing without a trace.

There was no trace of their earlier majesty in killing and taking, but rather they looked like the victims who had panicked in front of them countless times before.

The heavens have a way of reincarnating, and who has the heavens spared?

Some people ran, others retreated, and some retreated while running.

Han Qianqian smiled faintly with disdain, withdrew his longsword from his hand, took another look at everyone, and in the next second, raised his steps and headed off into the distance.

Everywhere Han Qianqian pa*sed, the crowd naturally gave way, and not a single person dared to stop him.

On the other side of the city.

The black shadow suddenly walked in from outside with a few steps and bent over respectfully, “Your Holiness, the people have arrived.”