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His Destined Path Chapter 3199

Chapter 3199


The wine gla*s fell to the ground and exploded to pieces.

The ghost daddy’s hand was still in the air, his hand in the shape of holding the cup.

The entire person was in a completely shocked state, obviously, having difficulty sobering up from the shock for a while.

Half an hour, a whole half an hour.

If it was said that at this moment, Han Qianqian was not dead but seriously injured, he could understand.

If it was said that Han Qianqian was not seriously injured, but at least half injured, he could also understand.

However, if he said that Han Qianqian was all right, then he could not understand.

This was even based on the fact that half of his own men had been killed or injured.

He never believed in one man slaughtering a city, because it was not because of the number of experts in the world, but only because of the number of fools who had forged the myth.

But in the Demon Cloud Ghost City, under his governance only, never!

No one person could change everything here by himself. The most powerful proof of this is the number of masters whose blood has been spilled in the land of the red earth throughout the ages, staining the red earth of the red earth.

Yet at this moment, he heard an answer that he would almost never have thought of, let alone considered as a possible existence.

“What do you …… say?” The ghostly daddy muttered.

Red Luan also knew deep down that Ghost Dignity was almost never an incomparably aloof person, but he was caught in a moment of dumbfoundedness at this very moment, and she dared not answer, but had to, “Although there were thousands of people surrounding that fellow, he hardened himself and that long sword in his hand to split our people into two groups.”

“At first, the longsword side attacked fiercely, while his side gradually fell into a heavy siege. Later, after our men slowly became familiar and stabilized their minds, both sides were suppressed even more, and when we saw that the situation was settled, we could suddenly ……”

“Suddenly the light on him was so bright that he was like a heavenly god descending to earth, and his attack grew so violently that his group’s otherwise stable situation was hardened and made him stir up a great deal of chaos, and even ……”

“Even what.” The ghost daddy returned his eyes.

“Even defeated, many of his men were decapitated on the spot, that half an hour of fighting, rather than fighting him, it was more like being unilaterally slaughtered by him.”


It was a word that had been unfamiliar for a long time, and another word that was incredibly familiar.

For, it had always been only the people of Demon Cloud Ghost City who had brutally slaughtered those who pa*sed by, and no one had ever been able to do the opposite to use it on them.

“Your Holiness, why don’t we send some more men, I’m afraid that our people, are about to be unable to hold on.” Although Hong Luan was not good enough to speak this sentence, but for the sake of the greater good, but had to harden his head and said.

“Reinforcements?” The ghostly daddy froze.

Immediately afterwards, he glanced at the broken wine cup on the ground and was silent.

“You still have an ace …… don’t you?” Red Luan said in a quiet voice.

Even though, she herself knew clearly that that trump card was the bottom card of the ghost daddy, it had a greater meaning and function.

But right now, that guy was so arrogant that he already had to go and use it.

One minute, two minutes, even five minutes.

When the ghost daddy still didn’t say anything, and Hong Luan couldn’t help but want to speak again, suddenly, a dozen ghostly shadows suddenly fell down from above the roof.

After that, a black shadow followed close behind.

“Greetings, Your Holiness.” That black shadow was the first person to report the situation when Han Qianqian and the others entered the city that day.

“Why are you here?” The ghostly venerable raised his head and looked at the black shadow.

“Your Holiness, a guest has arrived.”

“A guest has arrived?” The Ghost Leader was slightly suspicious. The “guest” in the city was bothering him, so how could a guest suddenly appear.

“Who is it?”

“I do not know him, but he did not come from the south, but from the core of the extreme north.” With those words, he looked back at the dozen or so black shadows behind him.

Those dozen black shadows instantly transformed into something like a screen again that day, and a human figure slowly appeared on it.

“It’s him?” The ghost daddy frowned.