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His Destined Path Chapter 3202

Chapter 3202

One comes from the south and the other returns from the north, you can’t say that they know each other, you can simply say that the wind and the horse are not alike, right?

The second thing is that one is a demon, one is a human, one has lived for an unknown number of centuries, one is young but a young area of young people.

The two did not seem to have any interactions with each other.

How could Jade Faced Shura know about him? Moreover, the most frightening thing was that he not only knew about him, but also knew that he would get himself into trouble, and even knew the boy’s surname.

If Jade Faced Cultivator hadn’t made his position clear just now, he would have really wondered if these two were in cahoots, helping Cainiao City to get themselves into trouble.

“Relax, Ghost Venerable, as I said, I am by no means here to get into trouble with you, so why should you be?” Jade Faced Shura laughed.

The Ghost Venerable frowned, not daring to let down his guard in the slightest, “But how do you know everything about this place? This Demon Cloud Ghost City is my daddy’s territory, and only my daddy has always been able to investigate everything in the city, so how can others know?”

Could it be that there were already spies in the city?

To a certain extent, this possibility cannot be ruled out, as the situation in Demon Cloud Ghost City is now in a low state, and naturally, there are people who will inevitably fall on the well.

As the saying goes, there is no reason why the tree should be scattered.

“Well, Ghost Leader, you and I have known each other for many years, would I still be able to shade you? Not only do I know this kid’s surname is Han, I even know this guy’s full name and what he did before he came here.” Jade Faced Cultivator laughed softly.

The Ghostly Exalted was even more puzzled, and was even completely confused as to what was going on here.

However, just then, Jade Faced Shura took out a long scroll from his bosom and slowly handed it to the Ghost Djinn before speaking softly and laughing, “When you finish reading it, you will know the truth of everything.”

Although he was puzzled, the Ghostly Dignitary took the long book and hurriedly opened it and read it.

Immediately afterwards, his brow furrowed, and the further he read, the tighter the frown became.

It was not until a few moments later that he finished reading it and looked at the jade-faced Shura with disbelief, “Are you serious?”

“Oh, the white letters and black characters on it are true and genuine, the most important thing is that the long book can be fake and so can the content, but that bright red family seal is a child’s mark, I believe that this is something that the ghost daddy should know better than me, right?” Jade Faced Shura laughed.

The Ghost Venerable naturally knew that the seal was undoubtedly genuine.

However, he really did not understand how such a thing could have happened to him, which was far more unreal than a pie falling from the sky.

“Yes, I know that the long book is true, but it is hard for me to believe that the Pei family is going to marry the Seventh Princess to my father.” The ghost daddy still shook his head helplessly, “This ……”

Even though he was arrogant and arrogant, the Ghost Venerable really knew that although he was the lord of the party and had unbelievable power, ……

But that is also to be compared with who ah.

The Pei family, the legendary beast clan, is the most powerful family in this area, at least, in this direction thousands of miles across, the Pei family said one, no one dares to two.

The Pei family is the most powerful family in this area.

How can one believe that?

“Precisely.” The jade-faced Shura seemed to have anticipated the Ghost Djinn’s reaction, and with a movement in his hand, a light screen floated in the air: “The bridal party is already one step away in the Red Earth, and all that is needed is a slight nod from you, and the matter will be settled.”

The ghost could not help but swallow his saliva and looked towards the light screen with some excitement, but he could see a huge procession at the northern entrance, dressed in red and carrying a wedding banner, clearly a brigade of gift-givers.

Was this not a dream?

Was it reality?

He really wanted to slap himself to make himself feel if he was dreaming.

What does it mean to fly up the branch and become a phoenix, isn’t this exactly what it means?

One day, he could climb up the Pei family tree too!

Especially, at such a critical juncture right now.

“Is this true?”

“Such a large group has come a long way, so how could it be fake? But then, the Pei family head has a small request regarding that boy’s ……” Jade Faced Cultivator sneered.