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His Destined Path Chapter 3203

Chapter 3203

“What is the request? It can’t be that I want the land of the Red Earth to be incorporated into the Pei family, can it?”

“Although I am only considered a man of the green forest, but the land of the red earth under my years of operation, not considered prestigious, but also considered a small success, the loss of the city is small, but I join the family would not be an insult?” The ghost daddy said warily.

“You can rest a*sured, Ghost Dignitary, the Pei family head is really not interested in this barren land, otherwise, as you said, you wouldn’t have been dashing around here for many years, would you?”

“There is no need to get too excited, didn’t I say so? This request, it is about that boy, not you.”

The ghostly daddy froze and suddenly remembered that he seemed too excited to remember what had come before and ignore what was to follow.

“That boy? You mean the one surnamed Han?” The Ghost Djinn frowned and said.


The ghost daddy was a little puzzled and unusually puzzled, saying, “A little brat can actually make the Pei family come out on such a scale, on what grounds does he have?”

“On what basis?” Jade Faced Shura smiled coldly, “Originally, like you, I really felt that it was too much of a fuss about this matter.”

“The Pei family’s herdsmen have come to report that they hope the family head can send someone to lobby and take some jewelled slaves to present to you, hoping that you can help surround that boy when he pa*ses by here.”

“With the friendship between you and me, plus the generous gift, I believe that the Ghost Dignitary should not refuse me.”

Hearing this, the Ghost Dignitary naturally smiled, “Not to mention the jeweled slave, with your words alone, I would not hesitate to do so, besides, those who come to my Demonic Cloud Ghost City are already in but not out, so why do you need to do more than that?”

“No, no, no.” Jade Faced Cultivator shook his head, “This son is very capable, otherwise he would not have escaped so easily and run into this red earth.”

“Therefore, given this son’s ability, if the ghost daddy were to forcefully stop him, he would certainly suffer heavy losses, and how can there be brave men under rudeness?”

Hearing these words from the jade-faced cultivator, the ghost daddy did not speak, he had just sent so many people to try to teach Han Qianqian a lesson, only to be staggered and frightened back by his killing, if he had to send more elites himself simply by a few words from the jade-faced cultivator, to speak from the bottom of his heart, he was indeed not quite willing to do so.

Thinking of this, he nodded: “In that case, then it is just a gift, and why …… should we have to link up with the Seventh Princess?”

“Because in the process, something happened.”

“What is it?”

“When General Pei Shiyuan of Makino reported the matter to the master of the family, my son was beside him.”

“Your family’s grandson?”

The jade-faced cultivator nodded, when his own son heard the name Han Qianqian, his expression at the time was still clearly remembered by himself now.

He first froze for a few seconds, then snapped out several sentences, and eventually, his face was greatly shocked, followed by great anger.

He almost said to the family head with an iron face that he was bound to beat this son into hell, after which he told the family head exactly what had happened in the humiliation at the Holy Mountain of the Qilin.

“The family head was naturally furious when he heard about it, and the family head loved his son the most, so moving him was like taking the family head’s life. So ……” said Jade Faced Xiu Luo, coldly looking at the Ghost Exalted.


He had met such a “living god of wealth”.

“How about it, Ghost Venerable, should you or should you not?”

The Ghostfather finally revealed a faint smile, “If I can join hands with the Pei family, let alone a mere brat surnamed Han, even if I were to kill the City of Burning Bones, what would I fear?”

“Thank the Pei family head for me, I will definitely bury that brat to the bone and will not stop until I achieve my goal.” The ghost daddy sneered.

With such a big tree in place, the outer trap was instantly solved, so what fear was there for the ghost daddy?

“Very well, I will go and inform the team to come in, the Seventh Princess is waiting in the team for a long time, as for you, Ghost Leader, make a trip and take the head of that thief, let’s use it as a dish for the wedding wine.”

The two men looked at each other and laughed coldly. ……