His Destined Path Chapter 3205

Looking at such a situation, Xia Wei and a few others suddenly became nervous.

Only Han Qianqian, still standing proudly, looked as if he had an army of thousands, and even had a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

“If I were mad, I would be more than that.” Han Qianqian said back.

“Do you have the madness?” The black shadow materialised, naturally it was the Ghost Djinn himself.

Behind him, there was also a black shadow standing slightly as well as that Red Luan.

“Earlier, it was just a casual game with you, right now, it is the true elite of this Demon Cloud Ghost City.” The ghost daddy laughed coldly.

As he looked around, the number of people around him had not only increased by several times, but the group of people in the front were even more powerful, obviously, at a glance, he could tell that they were not ordinary people and must have a few brushes.

Therefore, Han Qianqian was completely convinced by the ghostly leader’s claim of having all the elites out, and did not have the slightest doubt.

Seeing that Han Qianqian had obviously turned nervous when he saw the elites around him, the ghost daddy smiled faintly and said in a cold mocking voice: “What? Are you afraid, brat?”

As he spoke, the Red Luan behind him could not help but laugh coldly, “If you knew you were afraid today, why did you rashly refuse in the first place?”

“You didn’t need to fear them, or even tower over them, but unfortunately, you chose not to cherish such an opportunity.”

“Do you know, Han, that your actions will simply cause the wrath of God?”

“It’s not too late for you to regret now, perhaps, if my family’s ghost daddy is happy, he can still ignore the past, otherwise, all that awaits you is to be pulverised.”

“Ai!” The ghost daddy raised his hand, not giving Han Qianqian the slightest time to interject, and laughed, “There are some things, some people, who will eventually pay for their choices.”

“No matter what you pay for, even including your own life, just like you said, adults, have to learn to be responsible for themselves.” With those words, the ghostly daddy looked coldly at Han Qianqian.

Hong Luan smiled faintly, nodded and said softly, “Then it seems that there’s nothing the surnamed Han can do now even if he regrets it.”

“What’s the saying? At first you disliked me, today I’ll make you too high for me to climb.”

With those words, the two laughed loudly.

At the beginning, Han Qianqian was urgently begged because external troubles were the most important, and naturally, the Ghostly Exalted was forced by the situation to urgently need talents, so he lowered his voice.

But now, as the jade-faced Shura fell here with the Pei family as a pie in the sky, he held the Pei family in his hands, and not only did his internal worries and external problems disappear in the blink of an eye.

He even regained new life.

Does he still need Han Qianqian?

No, he doesn’t.

But if I had to say that he did, it would be to clean up this guy for the Pei family, so that he could leave his own glory with the Pei family.

Han Qianqian shook his head with a smile, raised his hands and slowly applauded, saying, “I didn’t expect that the two great lords of the Devil Cloud Ghost City would not only be great with their mouths, but even perform a double act that was also wonderful.”

These two sang in unison, not to persuade Han Qianqian to change his mind, but merely to deliberately do so, to regain the face they had previously gained and humiliate Han Qianqian in the process.

“Cut the crap and do it.” Han Qianqian said coldly.

“Since you want to seek death, I’ll let you do it.” The Ghostfather’s face was cold, and he was also upset at being told off by Han Qianqian to his face, so he immediately waved his hand.

Then, the heavily surrounded ten thousand troops immediately shouted angrily, their voices shaking the sky, and they approached Han Qianqian in a mighty and uncommon manner.

The Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel was instantly in hand, and the little black stick, as if it understood what was going on, turned into a sword of flying light that hovered steadily above Han Qianqian’s head.

Ten thousand troops were waiting to be launched!

“Piercing Mountain Armour, follow the plan.” With a cold voice, Han Qianqian’s hand moved and the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel instantly transformed into two long dragons and roared towards the surrounding army directly in front of him.

And almost at the same time, Han Qianqian’s side is also a jade sword draw, body directly transformed into eight, plus seventy-two ways divine sword, hard and direct momentum opened wide, transformed into a residual shadow fierce attack.

The little black stick of flying light sword also fiercely towards the other side of the blast, wearing a mountain armor a drag over Xia Wei three, followed by the flying light sword to kill.

This is not a f*cking 10,000 people surrounding them, it’s more like a bunch of them surrounding the opposite side ……