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His Destined Path Chapter 3206


With the heavenly sound of the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel taking over, after the open-door strike that exploded the front group of monsters into ashes, Han Qianqian’s eight golden bodies also followed at the same time.

The explosion of Dharma energy, the light and shadow were gorgeous.

Along with this, the ground was burning and thunder dragons were roaring in the sky.

Han Qianqian had no intention of hiding anything from these people, he would fight until they were powerless.


Seeing the heavens and the earth change, Han Qianqian himself was like a wild dragon entering the sea, moving in and out of the crowd seven times, killing the ghosts and roaring, the corners of the ghosts’ eyes shrank slightly, almost in disbelief.

Even though Han Qianqian had already killed nearly half of the thousand people in his crowd, how could he feel the power of something without seeing it with his own eyes?

Moreover, it was still so powerful?

“This guy, is he really this strong?” Hong Luan had never seen such a terrifying defeat of ten thousand with one before either.

Looking at Han Qianqian like a god descending from the sky, she was also staring roundly at this moment with wintry eyes.

How terrifying? But so.

Rather than saying that right now it was ten thousand troops surrounding him, it was more like a super solo show where he was the main character alone and ten thousand people were giving him company.

“A mere tiger general, it is true that my daddy has underestimated him.” The ghostly daddy laughed coldly and shook his head helplessly.

He appreciated Han Qianqian more and more, which at least proved that his vision was not wrong in the first place, but what was a pity was that he really did not know the sky was high and had messed with the Pei family, someone he should not have messed with.

“Speaking of its dragon general, doesn’t it also underestimate him?” Hong Luan couldn’t help but sigh slightly as well.

And almost at the same time, Han Qianqian’s performance did not end, or rather, it was only the beginning.

“Phase-less divine power!”

With a blast, Han Qianqian’s hand moved, and the various spells emitted by the monsters over there fiercely died out like matches being blown out.

“Give it back to you!”

But in the next second, with a furious shout from Han Qianqian, his hand flipped violently and hundreds of rays of light blasted down directly.


In an instant, the entire ground exploded in all directions, and the monsters, who had been surrounded by several layers inside and out, suddenly fell to the ground, dead, injured, roaring and howling.

The scene was both tragic and spectacular.


And almost at the same time, at the other end, the sword of flying light transformed by the little black stick was also like a sharp sword pointing to the ground, and was invincible, with the mountain piercing armor following close behind, disappearing into the ground.

“Your Holiness, this ……”

The two sides of the enemy, Hong Luan at that moment even feel that their 10,000 people is like being dumpling, play surrounded.

The ghost venerable expression is grim, he also has such an illusion?

But when he returned to his senses, these illusions brought him only shame, not any beauty.

Because, this fellow Han Qianqian had killed one of his own people, and had struck his own face.

“It seems that my daddy will have to take the field himself.”

As the words fell, the black Qi on the Ghost Dignitary’s body suddenly began to emerge wildly ……

And at the other end of the Demon Cloud Ghost City.

A group of about a few hundred people dressed in red was speeding up and coming quickly towards the Demon Cloud Ghost City.

Although their numbers are small, but excluding some ordinary servants, there is a group of about fifty elite troops mixed in, do not look at the number of people, in fact, any one of these fifty people, is by no means ordinary people, their aura inward, seemingly indifferent, but in fact not.

At the head of the crowd was a carriage with a red roof and lightly draped curtains, and at the front were four strange creatures that looked like horses, not horses, not donkeys, with dragon horns and tiger tails.

This creature is also the mount of every person in the procession behind them.

It was extremely fast, moving like a shadow.

It took about half a day to travel from the north to the city, and in a matter of minutes the group was almost outside the gates of the Demon Cloud Ghost City.

But just as the group was about to approach the city, suddenly, a pair of jade hands stretched out beyond the beaded curtain on top of the lead carriage, and then, it slowly lifted slightly, and the whole fast-moving troop came to a complete halt in an instant.

“Seventh Princess, why did you suddenly stop?”

As soon as the front carriage stopped, a rough-looking but elegantly mannered man quickly stepped to the side of the carriage and asked in a soft voice.

Looking at the ground that was trembling slightly, a female voice came from the middle of the carriage, “What has happened, why is the commotion so great?”

“I think it should be the people from the Demon Cloud Ghost City and that boy have already fought.” The man said back.

“Just one person, would make such a big commotion?” She frowned and ordered, “Go into the city, I’d like to see what he’s really capable of.”