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His Destined Path Chapter 3211

“And what do you think?”

At that very moment, in the distant carriage, in the beaded curtain, the Seventh Princess suddenly asked in a voice.

Only when he heard this did the man come to his senses from the battle. Although the Seventh Princess was simply asking a question, anyone who was not a fool would understand that her question was more like a slap in the face and a mockery of the answer she had given earlier.

After the previous experience, the man did not dare to open his mouth, but thought for a long time before speaking slowly, saying, “Seventh Princess, this man is young, but his cultivation is superb, which is indeed quite surprising.”

The Seventh Princess nodded, if not, how could Pei Hu have suffered a defeat at the hands of such a person.

If she hadn’t seen the boy at the scene, the Seventh Princess would have believed Pei Hu’s claim of a moment of carelessness, but after seeing it with her own eyes, she was convinced that there were not so many coincidences in this world, and that it was all more artificial.

“So, in your opinion, he was able to break out of the pincer attack by the Ghostly Exalted and Jade Faced Shura, right?” The Seventh Princess said in a slow voice.

The man thought for a moment, but shook his head with a smile: “Although this son is brave, but the Ghostly Immortal Spirit has definitely dominated the jianghu for many years and has its own skills. The Jade Faced Shura, although not a member of the Pei family, has been a famous fighter of the Pei family for many years since he was recruited and surrendered by the family head.

“Yet this princess thought that that person would win.” The Seventh Princess laughed softly.

The man did not say anything more, but merely smiled bitterly. Obviously, although the Seventh Princess did not say so, she had always had a nagging feeling in her heart about her own prediction earlier.

Now it was also obvious that she was intending to disagree with her own point of view, and her purpose naturally needed no further explanation.

The temper of his own princess was clear to himself, so the man did not refute much, helplessly smiling gently.

“Do you think I’m losing my temper with you?” The Seventh Princess spoke up.

The man was a little surprised that the princess would suddenly say what she thought: “I dare not think so.”

“Although you are my subordinate, you have always protected me and are like brother and sister, so it is normal for you and I to fight with each other.”

“However, today I am in no way gambling with you, but I think in my heart that that person may not lose.” The Seventh Princess said blandly.

“Oh, although that man has strength, anyone with a discerning eye can see that the combination of the Ghostly Djinn and the Jade Faced Shura is stronger, and the Seventh Princess is determined that that man can nevertheless break out in the midst of the two, so how is that not a gamble?”

“You should not forget that apart from the Ghost Djinn and Jade Faced Shura, the most important thing is that this is not just the Ghost Djinn’s home turf, he has tens of thousands of elite soldiers. Although they were badly hit just now, their vitality is still somewhat strong, so how much more can he make a storm if he is strong alone?” The man shook his head and laughed bitterly.

It was not that he looked down on Han Qianqian, but it was clear that the gap and the comparison of strength between the two was simply too great. There were indeed many miracles in this world, but they would never be in front of him, let alone happen to that Chinese human.

“Then let’s take a bet, what do you think?” The Seventh Princess laughed.

Seeing that he had spoken so transparently, but the Seventh Princess remained so, the man smiled bitterly helplessly, “Then what do you want to bet on, Princess?”

“Let’s play big, we’ll bet on your salary for a year, what do you think?”

The devil’s salary was not just crystals and pills like the human race, and in this barren land, it was often equated with food, so this was a big bet.

However, the man was not the least bit flustered and smiled, “Is the Seventh Princess being considerate and ready to give her subordinates extra meals?”

The stakes seemed to be extremely high, but to him, the risk was extremely small, so he was naturally under no pressure.

“That’s at least if you win, I do think that you might have to tighten your belt for the next year.” The Seventh Princess laughed.

“Then we’ll see?” The man laughed.

“With pleasure.”

Then, both of them put their eyes back on the battlefield at the same time ……