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His Destined Path Chapter 3212

And almost at that moment, Han Qianqian had already used his true energy and his body suddenly moved.

The ghost’s eyes contracted, and he was not careless, immediately surrounded by black Qi, ready to meet Han Qianqian’s crazy counterattack.

But almost as soon as he was ready, a hint of shock flowed out of his eyes at once.


To his surprise, although Han Qianqian had moved, he did not attack him as he had imagined, instead, he turned around and attacked towards the Jade Faced Cultivator behind him without hesitation.

The demon hadn’t expected it, and neither had the jade-faced Shura.

After all, from the beginning to the end, it was not him but the Ghostly Dignity who was fighting with Han Qianqian, he was a secondary attacker after all, and it was the first time he had joined, so what the hell was his grudge?

Despite being depressed, however, Jade Faced Shura was by no means a master to be messed with.

Although his surname was not Pei, he was able to be a top fighter in the powerful Pei family, so he naturally had his own formidable skills.

With a cold look on his face and a sudden movement in his hand, a long ruler with a cold light was directly in his hand and he attacked Han Qianqian frantically.

“A ruler is a world, a ruler is a sea of stars.”

The long ruler swung, and the flowing light spun around.

Like a long brush in a vast river of stars, it waved and scattered, making starlight into ink and moving in waves.


As soon as Han Qianqian came into contact with these waves of streams of light, he felt like he was standing on a huge wave, and the powerful impact not only made him retreat, but more importantly, these streams of light almost stuck to his body like sparks, burning directly on him.

If Han Qianqian hadn’t hurriedly lucked his energy and relied on the indestructible Xuanjia to resist, I’m afraid that even if he was as strong as he was, he would have been heavily burned under the streams of light.

“Something interesting.” Han Qianqian laughed coldly, but his hands did not stop at all, pa*sing through the stream of light, and in just a moment, he was already fighting Jade Faced Shura with his sword.

Steeply, the two of them faced each other frantically.

Starlight came out, explosions were heard, the air around them was torn, and the stars on top were moving.

Both sides had their own strengths, Han Qianqian was like the fury of a dragon, and the Jade Faced Shura also had the might of a white tiger, and as the dragon and tiger fought together, within a few dozen rounds, they were evenly matched.

“Jade Faced Shura, it is really different.” The Demon was about to follow, but seeing the two sides fighting brilliantly, he could not help but stop for a moment to admire.

The attack was severe and the defence was solid, worthy of a good fighter.

The ghost of the daddy smiled coldly, Han Qianqian’s move did seem strange, but on second thought, he was able to understand that if he were in his place, he might have been like him.

After all, knowing that he was being pinned down and that he was immortal, he could only turn to the Jade Faced Shura for a breakthrough, but I’m afraid this kid had overlooked the fact that the Jade Faced Shura was not as easy to mess with as he thought.

“b*****d, I’ll see how you die this time.” With a cold voice, the Ghostly Exalted also used his true energy and went straight towards Han Qianqian to kill him.

The two of them attacked each other back and forth, and Han Qianqian, who was in the centre of the battle, was as expected, falling into the wind quickly, and was already in a frenzy.

“Seventh Princess, it looks like I can add to my meal for the next year.” The man chuckled softly.

The Seventh Princess did not say anything, in fact there was no specific reason why she had placed this heavy bet.

It was just a very strange feeling, and after she saw Han Qianqian’s astonishing axe rain, she was deeply shocked by this. She always felt that this person in front of her gave her a feeling of being extremely strong.

To what extent she was not sure, but it was definitely not a problem for her to deal with the Ghost Djinn and Jade Faced Shura.

Although this feeling of her own felt a little comical and ridiculous if she used her own logic to look at it.

“It’s not like I’ve lost yet.” The Seventh Princess said with a stiff tongue.

The man, however, laughed softly, “Although that man does have some skills and can fight Jade Faced Shura on par, that is all. With the Ghost Djinn joining at this time, the balance of the sky has changed.”

“Seventh Princess, when the scales are square, even a mere pawn can change the tilt of the scales, let alone a weighty figure like the Ghost Djinn.”

“It’s only a matter of time before he falls.” Speaking of this, the man was already in a big mood.

“How will we see the difference until the last moment.” After the Seventh Princess finished speaking, she herself put down her own beaded curtain in boredom.

Despite the denial on her lips, her heart was still in agreement with this fact.

But almost at the same time as she lowered the beaded curtain, Han Qianqian over there suddenly moved ……