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His Destined Path Chapter 3214


As the huge axe swung down, an old tomb in front of Han Qianqian instantly exploded under the light of the axe.

And as the old tomb exploded, the Ghostly Djinn over there also violently spurted fresh blood furiously.

At the same time, the black aura on his body also began to show great instability, wavering as if it would dissipate at any moment.

The axe light remained unabated, heading wildly deeper into the earth.

The ghostly daddy’s features grimaced in pain as his entire body pulled wildly in all directions.


When the axe light entered a hundred metres deep underground and struck a piece of red breath, a muffled sound was accompanied by a violent explosion of the black Qi on the entire Ghost Djinn’s body, and what was left in place between turning back was nothing more than a middle-aged man about two metres tall and dressed in dirty white clothes.

His hair was extremely long, and his face and appearance could not be seen clearly between his cloaked hair, and he had his head lowered, while blood continued to drip down to the ground along his mouth.

“Slap …… slap …… slap …… slap ……”

The scene was also surprisingly quiet, with a million armies of monsters, hardened long before they stood dumbfounded in place in surprise.

“Well ……” he whimpered in pain.

At the side of the place, jade face Xiu Luo smile has long since frozen, eyes full of amazement, nervous and asked, “Brother Ghost Zun, you ……”

“That kid …… him …… he broke my immortal body.” Forced to endure the intense pain, how strong the immortal body was when it was normal, then how painful it was now.

The Wheel of Heavenly Dao, ever present, the pain of backlash, how can it be underestimated.

“What?” Hearing these words, Jade Faced Cultivator’s entire body was shocked, even though Ghost Djinn’s reflection had already disturbed him greatly, but even now, under the point where things had already happened, he was still unwilling to admit the truth before him.

Although he was not a Ghost Djinn, if he really let Han Qianqian break through, his face would be just as embarra*sed.

Because, that was something he couldn’t see through either.

On the other side of the carriage, the man who had been so proud of himself just now was also speechless, his mouth wide open, his eyes wider than copper bells, staring deadly at the battlefield in front of him.

Inside the carriage, the Seventh Princess, who had already pulled down the beaded curtain, also completely froze, and after only a few seconds, she even forgot that she was on the opposite side of the man, and shouted with excitement on the spot, disregarding the princess’s reserve: “He …… has broken his immortal body.”

The man looked back at his own princess, still having difficulty snapping out of his shock, yes, he had broken his immortal body.

A human brat, at this very moment, had broken the Ghost Djinn stance that had been rampant for years!

Right in front of them all.

“Now, are you still going to die?” And at that moment, Han Qianqian, slightly retracting his axe, looked at the ground and raised his head to look at the Ghost Djinn, smiling lightly.

“How did you do that?” Jade Faced Cultivator looked at Han Qianqian, shocked and said.

“You want to know?” Han Qianqian gave a smile.

Although Jade Faced Cultivator didn’t say anything, his eyes were already full of burning heat, and even the cloaked Ghost Djinn couldn’t help but raise his head at this moment, looking at Han Qianqian with a face full of suspicion.

How could both of them not be curious?!

Han Qianqian smiled faintly, when this undead body of the Ghost Djinn was used, it would be impossible to say that Han Qianqian’s heart was not panicked and his mind was not in turmoil.

Tens of thousands of monsters, plus two experts were already to Han Qianqian like a sword on his neck, constantly threatening his life.

If this sword is still a sword that cannot be broken or blocked, then it is obvious that his situation is even more dangerous than ever.

Therefore, Han Qianqian had to break the game.

“I see.” Jade Faced Cultivator suddenly remembered something and looked at Han Qianqian, “You deliberately turned around and attacked me just now, not to really attack me, everything was just a ploy on your part, right?”

Han Qianqian nodded, “If I didn’t, how would I have reached here so smoothly if you two had pestered me to death.”

When the two men heard this, their hearts were infuriated, how could they have imagined that after living for so many years and traversing the jianghu for so many years, in the end, they would be schemed by you hairy boys at every turn?!

However, these humiliations were nothing, what they wanted to know right now was how this fellow Han Qianqian had discovered the life-door of the Ghostly Djinn’s immortal body.

“You guys want to know that much?” Han Qianqian asked with a smile.