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His Destined Path Chapter 3213

“Haha, Seventh Princess, did you see that, that guy got away, that guy got away.”

Almost as soon as Han Qianqian moved, the man was the first to be pleased, breaking into laughter on the spot.

The Seventh Princess had been expecting some kind of resistance from Han Qianqian when she saw that he had turned and fled, but when she looked up, she was both disappointed and depressed.

Men, none of them are really reliable.

Even he bought him to win, he actually ……


While this was the case on this side, the ghost daddy and the jade-faced cultivator on the other side were obviously even more pleased with themselves.

Although Han Qianqian had already fled some distance away by now, the two did not panic in the slightest, and even only smiled coldly.

Since this kid was already defeated, it meant that they had a good chance of winning, and as for this guy running now, where could he run to?

This was the Demonic Cloud Ghost City, which was his territory.

Where could he run to?

He was just a son in a jar, and he could not live whenever he was asked to die.

But when the two of them were pleased with themselves, suddenly the smile on the Ghostfather’s face slowly froze.

So at this moment, Han Qianqian fled on a route that was not elsewhere, but ……

“No, it can’t be, it can’t be.” Seeing his route, the ghost venerable face instantly pale, shaking his head powerlessly staggering a little.

“Brother Ghost Zun, what’s wrong with this?” Seeing the Ghost Venerable like this, the jade-faced cultivator at the side was somewhat puzzled.

It wasn’t like Han Qianqian had done anything, so why would the Ghost Venerable suddenly go from laughing wildly to looking like this, and even, he was a little scared.

“He seems to have discovered my destiny.” The ghost daddy looked back at Jade Faced Xiu Luo with uncertainty.

“What?” Hearing this, Jade Faced Cultivator was almost in disbelief, frowning and saying, “Is there a mistake? This is absolutely impossible, right?”

With his skills, it wasn’t that he was blowing it, he was at least considered an expert among experts, but if he were to fight the Ghost Djinn, he definitely didn’t have any certainty that he could find the fate of the Ghost Djinn’s immortal body.

In other words, even if it wasn’t him, the Ghost Djinn had met all kinds of experts over the years, and even some that were stronger than them.

Take Ghost Djinn’s battle of fame, where he shocked the demon race by defeating four experts of higher cultivation than him in one battle.

If Ghost Djinn’s life-gates were so easily discovered, how could he have shocked the Demon Race and become unbeatable? He would have died in the streets long ago, how could he have achieved what he did today?

So, for so many years, so many experts and fierce fighters have failed to get their way, what qualifications could he, a mere human brat, have?

“I’m not sure, but he looks as if he is heading for my destiny door.” The ghost djinn said in a sharp voice.

“Perhaps, he is just coincidental, there should have been similar things happening over the years, right?” Jade Faced Shura said.

This was something that the Ghost Djinn did not refute in the slightest, and at the same time, it was also something that could give a little peace of comfort to the heart.

Over the years, it was also true that this had happened.

“Then it shall not be? How many top experts can’t even pry into your destiny, how can he, one of our defeated men, be so virtuous?” Jade Faced Shura said in a cold voice.

The Ghostfather nodded, and only then did he barely show a smile, “That’s true.”

With those words, the two of them looked at each other, and then in unison, they looked at Han Qianqian in the distance.

As expected, it seemed to be just as Jade Faced Cultivator had said, Han Qianqian did not seem to have discovered his destiny door, he had gone in that direction, it should just be a coincidence of the escape route, at this time Han Qianqian’s route had already started to deviate from his destiny door position.

This made the ghostly daddy, at this point, let out an even longer breath.

But suddenly, just as the Ghost Exalted was barely relaxing, Han Qianqian, the b*****d, suddenly stopped and then slowly turned around in the midst of the Ghost Exalted’s incredulous eyes.

With a cold smile on the corner of his mouth, the jade sword in his hand was also put away.

In turn, he clutched the huge axe in his hands with both hands, and the direction of the axe head was facing a direction that caused him to collapse instantly.

The place of destiny!

“No, no, no, it’s not a coincidence, it’s not a coincidence, he’s found my Fate Gate, he’s found my Fate Gate.” The Ghost Djinn roared out in fear and anxiety, his anxious eyes filled with despair.

When Jade Faced Shura saw the Ghost Dweller like this, he looked over to Han Qianqian in panic, only to see that at this moment, Han Qianqian had already raised his axe with both hands, drawing the sky, and slashing down ……

Boom ……