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His Destined Path Chapter 3219

When you have endured the humiliation of doing one process after another, and you find that the progress that should have been made is not moving at all, or even going backwards.

Even a normal person with a good temper would be instantly irritated, not to mention the fact that these two are both great demons.

Killing people to death was vicious enough, but for this to count, I’m afraid a whipping would have to be added.

“So nervous?” Han Qianqian looked at the two of them with a smile, just like looking at two second-rate idiots.

However, even if Han Qianqian’s eyes were more frivolous, but the two of them did not dare to have the slightest anger, after all, about to have their hearts bursting at this point, but when Han Qianqian did not explicitly say no, they did not dare to take a step forward and give up.

Endure, I endure.

“Tell me what you want to bet on.” Having played enough, Han Qianqian didn’t want to have any more changes in front of these two, their anger value had already been lit to the extreme, and he had not only taken out his anger, but also achieved some of his purposes at the same time.

So, there is a degree, but if you go too far, it will not be effective.

Hearing Han Qianqian say this, not only did the two of them, Jade Faced Xiu Luo and Ghost Dao, let out a long breath at the same time, but even the Seventh Princess at the side could not help but relax slightly.

At last, they were on the right track.

“Want to bet on your future.” The Seventh Princess laughed.

“My future?” Han Qianqian froze.

“The world’s wise and talented have been among the best of men throughout the ages, so naturally there are many who seek them.” The Seventh Princess smiled, “The battle that your son fought just now was very pleasing to this palace. Therefore, I would like to set a condition, if you lose under this condition, I would like to invite you to join my family, do you think it is feasible?”

“Seventh Princess, you want to accept him into our clan? Did I hear you right? This is the person that the family head, his old man, is bound to kill in blood, and the culprit who angered the Duke.”

“Including the matter of our alliance with the Demon Cloud Ghost City, it is also for the sake of ……,” the attendant next to him said quietly and urgently as soon as he heard these words.

After doing so much, all for the sake of killing this kid, but the Seventh Princess suddenly acted in the opposite way, which really made people confused and anxious.

Jade Faced Cultivator also hurriedly walked over to the Seventh Princess and nodded, “Yes, Seventh Princess, this matter must not be taken lightly.”

“I will naturally find a way to resolve the matter with Father and the Prince. I also believe that if my father had seen this man’s ability for himself, he would think the same as I do.” The Seventh Princess said categorically.

More importantly, the Seventh Princess had a small plan of her own.

Otherwise, why would she have done so?!

“And what if I win?” Han Qianqian said.

“If you win, whether you are seriously injured or your life is in danger, I will absolutely guarantee that the people here will not take advantage of you, and I will even arrange for someone to escort you all the way out of the City of Red Earth. The Seventh Princess said.

Hearing this wager, Han Qianqian gathered up the emotions he had just felt and frowned gently, obviously considering.

In fact, this point of the Seventh Princess had invariably hit Han Qianqian’s seventh inch.

Now he was only relying on Xia Wei’s phoenix blood to fight, and given that the effect of the medicine was very slow this time, Han Qianqian was worried that the effect of the medicine would not last much longer.

And at that time, even if he could barely win, I’m afraid his body would not be able to hold himself against those weak remnants of soldiers, so with this promise from the Seventh Princess, it would indeed save him a huge worry.

Moreover, if he lost, even his life would be at stake here, the Seventh Princess’s effectiveness would not be unacceptable.

It seemed that Han Qianqian was not losing out at all in this deal.

However, Han Qianqian was by no means reckless, on the contrary, he noticed a subtle detail: “The bet is of some interest, however, you said earlier that it was under specific conditions, so I would like to ask, what is this specific condition?”

Hearing Han Qianqian’s words, the Seventh Princess smiled gently, it seemed that it was indeed not a waste of her efforts, right now Han Qianqian had basically considered to have agreed.

“This condition is very simple ……”