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His Destined Path Chapter 3220

“With these people, if you can last fifty rounds without losing, then you win, if not, then you lose. What do you think?” The Seventh Princess said.

Hearing these words, not only did Jade Faced Shura and the others freeze on the spot, even Han Qianqian at this moment could not help but be directly dumbfounded in place.

To Jade Faced Cultivator and the Ghostly Dignitary, such a move was tantamount to reducing Han Qianqian’s pressure, after all, they had a great advantage at the moment, and giving up the profit would only benefit Han Qianqian.

As for Han Qianqian, with the benefit to herself, Han Qianqian had thought how difficult and tricky her so-called condition would be, but it turned out that not only was it not tricky in the end, but it was even very beneficial to her.

“Is it that simple?” Han Qianqian said with a frown of disbelief.

The Seventh Princess froze for a moment when she heard this query, in fact, to her, this condition should not even be considered simple, although it was indeed better than 10,000 people attacking him, but in reality, it could not be considered much better.

Under absolute superiority, there was actually no difference between two moves and fifty moves, because what could not be beaten would always be beaten, and the result of a few moves would be the same.

It was just that she had brought up such a harsh condition because the Seventh Princess believed that if she could hold out for so long under the siege of so many people and two experts, then this excuse and ability would be enough to take to herself to convince anyone, including her father.

“If you think this is simple, then, it is that simple.” The Seventh Princess reluctantly smiled faintly.

“How about this, you’ve given me the benefit of the doubt, and I have to answer the battle so simply that would indeed be too much of an advantage to you, I’ll take a loss, just these guys, make it whole, within a hundred rounds, how about that?” Han Qianqian laughed.

“A hundred rounds? Are you sure?” Hearing Han Qianqian’s request, the Seventh Princess was clearly stunned.

She had seen those who lowered their demands, but she had never really seen those who took the initiative to raise them.

“D*mn it, brat, you’re really arrogant. I’m putting my words here, let alone 50 rounds, I’ll take your life in 10 rounds.” Jade Faced Shura growled in anger.

Although his immortal body had been broken, he was still more than a horse, and this son was so arrogant that he would not be able to give vent to his hatred without killing him.

“Very sure.” Han Qianqian smiled blandly.

“Good.” The Seventh Princess looked at Han Qianqian with some appreciation as she was shocked, then she gently swept a glance at the jade-faced Shura beside her, “Pa*s my words on.”

“Yes!” Jade Faced Cultivator nodded, and then, looked towards the Ghostly Exalted.

“Brothers, you all heard me heh?” The Ghost Djinn, who had long hated to summon all his brothers, got up and shouted angrily at everyone, “There’s a human boy looking down on us, saying that even with a group of people as big as us, there’s nothing we can do to him in a hundred rounds.”

“Do you think we can put up with this?”

“No.” The crowd was agitated, and the monsters roared in anger.

“Good, worthy of being my brothers, all brothers, listen to the order.”

“On.” Again, they roared in unison, their voices shaking the heavens with grandeur.

“Form up, today, we will take Qi’s life in one move, so that he will know the power of my Demon Cloud Ghost City.”

With those words, the 10,000-man brigade that had been somewhat scattered suddenly regrouped neatly, and they, who had previously been somewhat unstable because of Han Qianqian’s magical operations, had now regained their original self-confidence.

The man laughed bitterly and helplessly, “Seventh Princess, it seems that you have lost your eyes, but he is just a reckless man.

If it were before, the Seventh Princess would have disliked him directly, but at this moment, the Seventh Princess chose to be silent for no other reason than that she shared the same view as her followers.

She did not understand, even if Han Qianqian really had the ability and confidence to block a hundred strokes, he should not be able to speak in such a way to provoke the anger of the public.

Under the mettle, stealing a few moves might be able to barely hold on for a while, and with such a mess, it might really not be possible to receive a single move.

Because everyone will be relentless in their first move, even with their best.

And sure enough, by now, everyone was lined up, with anger in their eyes and strength in their hands.

But when she raised her eyes to look at Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian was not only not the least bit flustered, but even had a slight smile on his face.

What the hell is this guy …… up to?