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His Destined Path Chapter 3221

“That guy…”

The man who was holding the Seventh Princess was about to get into the carriage, but at this moment he also suddenly felt a great pressure suddenly and thus pressed, looking back at Han Qianqian could not help but frown.

The black and gold Qi was pulling wildly around him, and at this moment Han Qianqian was like a ghost god floating in the midst of the demonic Qi, and like a god of heaven in the midst of the auspicious light.

The Seventh Princess, who was only halfway into the carriage, could not help but look back as her attendant shouted in alarm, and with this look, she too was frozen in place, her eyes fixed on Han Qianqian.

What was he up to?!

“Phaseless Divine Power!”


Han Qianqian shouted angrily and roared to the heavens, his golden and black aura exploding violently.

He was desperate!

He opened up almost all of the currently available energy in his body wide and frantically added it to his own Phaseless Divine Energy.

Although he had already used his Phaseless Divine Energy to replicate and defend against other people’s attacks, he had never tried it on such a large scale before.

He had no idea, but he knew very well that he would either succeed in replicating it, or fail and be left alone with these ten thousand attacks, and then, without any defences, be completely beaten to death.

At this moment, he suddenly began to understand the fundamental reason why this divine technique of the Voidless Sect, which had helped the Voidless Sect make a name for itself in the Central Plains, and had even allowed the Voidless Sect to leap to become a great sect in the first place, had, in the end, mysteriously been lost.

Perhaps it was not mysteriously lost at all, but deliberately concealed by one of the sect masters.

Although he knew that concealing this technique would bring a great blow to the Voidless Sect, and that it would even sink to the level of a small sect in the future, he still chose to do so.

The fundamental reason for this was that this divine technique was too easy to harm people.

It is entirely in the heart of a gambler. If one bets right, one will naturally be astonished, but if one loses, in such a defenceless situation, the end can only ever be death.

Losing is the norm, but winning will make people addicted to the feeling of fun. Gambling on money will make people lose all their money, and this kind of gambling on life will obviously make people lose everything.

For example, even if Han Qianqian has all kinds of skills nowadays, once he becomes addicted to drugs and relies on his Phantomless God Kung Fu to gamble all day long, one day there is a great chance that his boat will turn over in the gutter and he will end up in a miserable situation of being wiped out.

This, I am afraid, is the real reason for the loss of the Phase-less Divine Technique.

Thinking about this, Han Qianqian was saddened.

In fact, over the years, how could he not have begun to gamble a little?

At least right now, he was still gambling, and, moreover, he was gambling heavily.

“Heaven forbid.” With a furious cry, everything was already in place, and Han Qianqian slashed his hands, turning the three huge attacks directly into his hands.


Han Qianqian only felt his body shake violently on the spot, and it was also as if something had suddenly swelled into various parts of his body, directly trying to burst it right through.

The blood in his body was flowing fast, and his heart was also moving violently.

The Phaseless Divine Energy swallowed all the Dharma energy, but in the end, it still seemed difficult to stop its power, and at this moment, some of the energy had even caused Han Qianqian’s entire body to begin to suffer a backlash.

Could it be that the bet had really been lost?


Almost simultaneously, a stream of uncontrollable blood flowed directly from his mouth, which was also silently telling Han Qianqian the answer.


Above the arm, the epidermis suddenly exploded into a gaping hole and blood flowed wildly.

Before Han Qianqian could reflect anything else, several more loud thumps rang out around his body, and only when he looked back did he realise that all these bursts were in the form of bloody openings, which were not ordinary places, but Han Qianqian’s acupuncture points.

“Even the acupuncture points can’t hold up and are starting to explode?” Han Qianqian forced himself to endure the intense pain in his body and was somewhat desperate.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

There were a few more muffled sounds, and although this time was not as brutal as the acupuncture point explosion, Han Qianqian’s heart was more completely cold.

This was because he knew very well that these few explosions were far more dangerous than the previous ones, so they were exploding his internal organs and bowels.

More blood flowing down his mouth was the best answer to his perception of what was right.

Han Qianqian let out a bitter smile, slightly lowered his head and looked towards the last place that hadn’t exploded, his heart ……