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His Destined Path Chapter 3230

Some of those who were relatively poor in heart quality had cold sweat covering their foreheads on the spot, sometimes talking with a gasp can really scare people to death, at least, this is the case now.

“However, you are all soldiers of the Ghost Dignity, although the Jade Faced Shura is dead, but the Ghost Dignity is not dead, it is not impossible for me to let you go, but for the matter of disobeying the orders of your superiors, am I not making it a bit difficult for you?” Han Qianqian laughed.

Upon hearing this, the group of men shook their heads like a rattle.

“Forget it, why make you guys be such disloyal and unrighteous people.” With those words, Han Qianqian mentioned the giant axe in his hand.

“No, no, no, grandpa, grandpa you never forced us to be disloyal and unrighteous ah, but ……” one of them, who was slightly smart, reflected at this moment, said this he paused for a moment, then looked around with some fear and clenched his teeth Opened his mouth and said, “Rather, our boss, Ghost Zun, has simply died.”

“Since he is dead, his orders can naturally be disobeyed, what does this …… count as you forcing us to be disloyal and unrighteous?” After saying that, the boy looked at Han Qianqian eagerly, obviously, was waiting for Han Qianqian’s answer.

Han Qianqian smiled appreciatively and pretended to be suspicious: “Oh? Yes? The ghost daddy is dead?”

With those words, Han Qianqian turned his head to look at the Ghost Djinn over there.

Although he had witnessed everything that had happened, he was too far away and did not know what had happened from the beginning to the end.

What was this?

In mid-air, almost as soon as Han Qianqian turned his head to look at the ghost, the clever boy immediately gave a glance to his brothers who were kneeling beside him, and at once, a group of men immediately got up, then directly pa*sed Han Qianqian and flew towards the ghost.

Seeing his brothers flying in, the Ghostly Djinn was overjoyed, but as the group gathered around the deep pit, the joy on his face suddenly turned into gravity and alertness.

For it was obvious that the eyes of the men were beginning to look extremely wrong, and many of them even had a cold killing intent in their eyes.

He suddenly understood why these men hadn’t been hurt when Jade Faced Shura had died, and had even obediently returned to his side.

They were not trying to come back to their side, they, were trying to kill themselves.

“Revolt, revolt, you guys are trying to rebel, aren’t you?” The ghostly venerable shouted angrily.

“Your Holiness, we brothers have also followed you for many years, not to say that we have made great achievements, but at least the basic hard work is there, we brothers do not want to kill you, but just to stay alive.”

“As our boss, you actually know better than we do that you have to do whatever it takes to survive, so I’m sorry.”

“If we don’t kill you, we will let him take the blame for letting us disloyal and unrighteous people go,. So, the only way there will be no such obstacles is if you die.”

“When you die, our brothers will still remember the old feelings and find a good place for you to be buried when the time comes, so go on your way without fear.”

The group of junior brothers, who normally whispered, were like demons murmuring in their ears.

As the words fell, the gang, led by the smarter kid, slowly raised their weapons, each with murderous intent in their eyes.

The demon djinn was panicked and unusually desperate, but also even more furious.

He understood, he understood completely, what exactly Han Qianqian had said to them just now, and he understood completely why they had suddenly looked at him.

“You b*tch, you’re really ruthless and poisonous enough to kill someone without even seeing blood with a knife.” Looking at Han Qianqian in mid-air, the ghost daddy was simply furious to the point of no return.

Just one sentence, without even using other words of attack to directly make his men complete their rebellion, this was something that even a person like the Ghost Exalted could not help but believe.

“But, you fools, do you really think you’ve won?” As the words fell, the Ghostfather’s eyes glared angrily at his surrounding men, and a cold smile began to flicker out of the corners of his mouth.