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His Destined Path Chapter 3231

Hearing this, the group of men were stunned, even though they didn’t know what else the Demonfather was capable of, yet the Demon Cloud Ghost City was always his territory, and it didn’t seem unusual if he had kept any backhand.

“Red Luan!”

With a loud shout, the Ghostly Djinn was extremely strong.

The crowd looked back, but they could see that Red Luan was leading a group of about twenty people at this moment, slowly coming from the ruins on the side.

“The Guards of the Dead Servants?”

When they saw the small group of more than twenty people behind Red Luan, a group of men immediately panicked a little.

As people of the Demon Cloud Ghost City, how could they not know about this ace a*sa*sination team that could be called the Ghost Djinn’s men?

They only knew that this team only listened to the orders of the Demonfather and would never return empty-handed once they attacked.

“Do you guys really think that I can sit in this place, Demon Cloud Ghost City, for years without a little preparation?” The Ghost Djinn laughed coldly.

In any place, if there is a king, there is a subordinate, and if there is a subordinate, there is a cla*s, and if there is a cla*s, there is naturally a rebellion, so how could the Ghost Dignitary not understand this?

This top a*sa*sin squad was the real trump card in his hand to secure the kingdom.

Soon, Red Luan also brought the squad to the edge of the pit and looked at the Ghostly Exalted indifferently.

“Take down these traitors for me.” The ghostly daddy roared.

However, unlike in the past, when an order was given, everyone moved in unison, today, when Ghost Zun’s roar went down, the gang just stood there as if they hadn’t heard it, just standing in place, looking at Ghost Zun with expressionless faces.

“What? Are you guys deaf? I told you to take down this group of traitors.” The Ghostly Exalted roared angrily, but in his heart he was already vaguely starting to feel a little uneasy.

“They’re not deaf.” Red Luan spoke blandly, cold in her eyes, “It’s just that their brains aren’t broken.”

“Hong Luan, even you betrayed me?” The ghost daddy questioned in disbelief.

Although she was only a woman, she was his left arm and right hand to the Ghost Venerable.

“I’m afraid that’s a bit biased, isn’t it? From beginning to end, Hong Luan is nothing more than a tool in your hands, a toy to satisfy you when there is nothing to do, a sharp knife to kill when you need it, and even a delicacy to share with you at certain moments, but only because of different uses at different times.”

“In that case, where is there any betrayal or non-betrayal in a tool? For a tool, whoever is more capable of holding it, is naturally more qualified to use it, isn’t it?” Red Luan said indifferently.

A good bird chooses a tree to rest on, and even ordinary people are like this, let alone those who are struggling to survive.

“Good, good, there you go, there you go, there you go, there you go.” The Demonfather was so angry that his whole body was already alive.

He understood that not only this group of junior disciples, but even his own elite had joined his own crony, Hong Luan, and betrayed himself outright by standing by Han Qianqian’s side.

Seeing this, the little brother from Fang’s gang’s hanging heart dropped anew and looked at the Ghostly Dignitary, laughing coldly, “Ghostly Dignitary, if you want to have fire you’d better save it for spreading with Hades when you get down there, we’re going to send you on your way.”

With those words, the guy reared his sword and was about to strike.

“How dare you!” The ghostly djinn roared in anger.

The man didn’t have the same fear as before, he just smiled blandly and said, “What are your last words?”

“Last words? I’ll remember you, you b*****d, later on, I’ll be the first to take you out, you b*****d.” With these words, the ghostly daddy swept a glance at all the people gathered around him and said coldly, “Do you all think that the boy surnamed Han has won for sure?”

“Do you have a second squad, Ghost Venerable?” Hong Luan replied in a cold and disdainful voice.

“A second squad?” The next second, he laughed loudly, “What I have is not just a small squad?”

“The one behind Laozi is a power that you cannot afford to mess with, Laozi is the prince of the side of a horse.” The ghost daddy let out a furious roar.

The group of people froze, only then remembering the Seventh Princess over there ……