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His Destined Path Chapter 3236

The group of people looked back woodenly, their faces still full of fear, afraid that Han Qianqian would be unhappy and suddenly change his mind again.

They were all trembling and cautious at this point.

Han Qianqian smiled, “Tell everyone that from today onwards, the Demon Race will no longer have the Demon Cloud Ghost City as a place, and that after releasing them, you will also disappear immediately, otherwise, I will see them once and kill them once.”

After hearing this, the group of people were stunned, usually when the old emperor died, a new king would be created.

However, when they thought about it, the group seemed to be able to make sense of it.

The Seventh Princess had clearly favoured Han Qianqian, both in public and in private, and naturally his future was boundless, so it was nothing unusual for him to despise this bullsh*t place, the Devil’s Cloud Ghost City.

It is not unusual for him to despise this sh*tty place. Moreover, Han Qianqian seems to be an upright person, so it is normal for him to be cynical about this.

“We understand, let’s go and do something.” The group of people all nodded obediently.

However, they hadn’t taken a few steps when Han Qianqian’s side pitched in again.

“Wait a little longer.”

The group of people looked at each other strangely and stopped again to look at Han Qianqian: “What else do you want?”

“Take these things and share them.” With these words, Han Qianqian’s hands moved, and a pile of gold and silver jewels piled up directly in front of the group like a small mountain.

“Great warrior, this ……”

“Grandfather, what are you doing?”

The group of people led by Hong Luan looked at Han Qianqian in confusion, and even though there were so many jewels, none of them dared to take more than a glance, let alone reach out to take them.

“I know the nature of your hearts, asking you to put down the butcher’s knife and live a normal life at once is almost impossible and is forcing you to commit chronic suicide, take these things and live your lives peacefully in the future.”

“As for the property left behind by the Ghost Dignitaries in the city, distribute it to the civilians in the four districts. Remember, these things are enough for you people to eat, drink and be merry for several years, and if I find out that you dare to steal treasures that you don’t deserve, I will not show any mercy under my hands.” With those words, Han Qianqian waved his hand, “You guys go down.”


The group of people did not dare to be slow, and after Hong Luan sent a few people to hurry up and collect the jewels on the ground, she led the group of people into five teams and dispersed in all directions.

The four teams were naturally responsible for releasing the people, while the first team was responsible for collecting the possessions left by the ghost daddy.

“Pah pah pah.”

Several applause sounds rang out as the Seventh Princess slowly walked over and opened her mouth to laugh, “It is said that to fight a city is to gain a city, the people of the city cannot be said since, even the resources within the city are also enriching themselves.”

“But you don’t want to give any money to the people, you even give money to the people.” “I admire you for your generosity.”

The Seventh Princess finished her speech leisurely, and she stood next to Han Qianqian.

“As for the extra money, it is best if you can help people, but if you can’t, it won’t give birth.” Han Qianqian laughed.

“Life is only about money, power and sex.” The Seventh Princess continued, “If you don’t like money, what do you like?”

“If I had to pick, I’d say sex.” Han Qianqian said with a straight face.

Obviously, the colour in Han Qianqian’s mouth referred to Su Yingxia.

The Seventh Princess smiled gently and didn’t say anything more: “By the way, I haven’t been formally introduced, my name is Pei Lin’er.”

Han Qianqian faintly stared, “You’re from the Pei family, or whatever the so-called Legendary Clan is?”

Earlier, when several people were conversing, he was too far away and only knew that the people were saying “Seventh Princess”, thinking that she was the daughter of a great lady from any family, or the children of any great place in the devil race, but he had never thought that she was actually from the Pei family.

Now, Han Qianqian also suddenly understood why the ghost daddy had previously twisted and turned with himself, seemingly wanting to seek revenge on himself but never using his full strength, but in the blink of an eye this fellow suddenly gathered a large army and pressed forward, determined to kill himself.

Earlier, I had thought that this guy was annoyed, but now it seemed obvious that this was not the case, but just because someone was suddenly behind him to back him up.

“According to the betting agreement, you are the winner and I am the loser, so, according to the betting agreement ……”

The Seventh Princess had just reached the middle of her sentence when Han Qianqian suddenly smiled thievishly, “Since I am the winning family, how about we change the bet?”

“Change the bet? What do you mean by that? What kind of bet do you want to change?”