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His Destined Path Chapter 3235

“I think you do have a misunderstanding, Ghostly Dignitary.” The Seventh Princess smiled coldly, “And the misunderstanding is big.”

“This princess asked if you were alright, not because she was concerned about how your health was, but just to find out if you were still capable of fulfilling the bet.”

“I also asked your men just now, did that, too, prove that this princess likes them, huh?” The Seventh Princess laughed coldly.

“What?!” Hearing these words, the Ghostly Exalted staggered three steps and went soft on his buttocks directly to the ground, no longer able to get up, his entire body was like a thunderstorm.

These words were not only like a dagger digging straight into his heart, but they also caused his entire dignity to almost turn into pieces and shatter to the ground.

There was nothing more humiliating in this world than to be in love with oneself, and obviously, his position as a ghostly daddy made it even more humiliating.

It wasn’t that he liked him at all, he just wanted to ask if he was dead.

The tone was just a little lighter.

“Even if my princess wants to protect someone, it’s not to protect you. Since the betting agreement has been won by Han Qianqian, it’s naturally Han Qianqian who wants to be protected.” That person sneered.

As soon as they heard this, Hong Luan’s group also nodded to each other, and in the next second, with a movement in her hand, a sword suddenly appeared in her hand and stabbed directly into the heart of the ghost daddy.

And almost at the same time, the smarter little brother from the other side also aimed at the head of the ghost daddy, then directly raised the long knife.

“You guys ……” The Ghost Djinn’s eyes widened as he looked at the gang of henchmen without meditation.

“Hmph, your retribution, now it comes.” The clever little brother laughed coldly, and the big knife fell straight down.


With black gas and blood spurting out, that head of the Ghost Djinn instantly fell from the top of his shoulder, and after rolling several times on the ground, it turned into a black gas along with that fallen body, completely and utterly disappearing from this world.

“Greetings, warrior.”

The group of people who had killed the Demon King, without stopping, hurriedly turned back towards Han Qianqian’s place and knelt down, shouting in unison.

The Seventh Princess’s gang also looked back indifferently, looking into mid-air with a soft smile, while, slowly raising their hands, they could not help but applaud.

“One’s own strength can stop the fierceness of ten thousand armies, admire, admire.” The Seventh Princess sighed and smiled.

Seeing that the situation had been stabilised, Han Qianqian also retrieved his Pan Gu Axe and Jade Sword at this point, and gently flew down.

“Earlier it was us who were reckless, so please forgive me, warrior.” As soon as Han Qianqian landed, Red Luan’s group hurriedly begged for forgiveness in a pitying voice.

“Yes, the ghost daddy is dead, please also ask you, grandpa ……”

“Grandpa, just let us go, we will never dare to do it again, even …… even we can work for you as cattle and horses.”

“Yes, we will never go west if you tell us to go east, please spare us.”

Seeing that group of people begging like that, the Seventh Princess lightly smiled and looked at Han Qianqian, not hitching a word.

“It’s not necessary to be a cow or a horse.” Han Qianqian glanced at the Seventh Princess and swept his eyes back at everyone.

“After all, if you all work for me as cattle and horses, I’m really afraid that one day you’ll end up in the same place as the Ghost Djinn.”

“However, don’t worry guys, I am true to my word, since you are not disloyal people, I can naturally spare you, but what about injustice?”

Upon hearing these words, the breath that the gang had just relieved was raised to their throats again, and they hurriedly kowtowed, “Grandpa, grandpa, grandpa don’t ah, we …… we don’t want to die.”

Hong Luan did not even dare to raise her head, after all, she could have been ungracious to Han Qianqian before, forcing the empty bureau, whispering softly, “Then please ask the warrior, what is injustice?”

“With so many innocents captive beneath the earth, would it not be benevolent to stay?” Han Qianqian reminded.

Red Luan instantly understood what Han Qianqian meant and hastily pressed her body even lower: “We will go and release all the slave animals in each of the four districts right now.”

With those words, Hong Luan hurriedly led a group of people to withdraw and leave.

However, at that moment, Han Qianqian opened his mouth, “Stop.”

Just two words, but they made the group of people stand still as if they were possessed by ice.

“By the way, make an announcement for me.” Han Qianqian said.

“What is it?”