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His Destined Path Chapter 3238

That person even felt as if he had not hallucinated straight away because he was too angry, that Han Qianqian that kid had actually changed the betting contract like this?

Not only was it not as excessive as he thought, on the contrary, it could even be said outright that he had given up all the facilities that the betting agreement had brought him.

This is not something that a normal person would do, right?

The Seventh Princess was also clearly frozen, and it was only at her attendant’s question that she snapped out of it. She glared a little angrily at her attendant, who must have had a foul mouth to draw Han Qianqian to leave without wanting anything but to annoy him.

“D*mn you, shut up.” The Seventh Princess glared at him in annoyance and bellowed angrily.

The man didn’t dare to pit a sound, and was even a little scared, even though the Seventh Princess was always gentle and elegant, and was almost rarely seen to lose her temper. But it was this kind of person who, when she lost her temper, was often the most terrifying.

Therefore, even though he had followed the Seventh Princess for many years, in the face of the Seventh Princess’s angry shout, that man did not dare to say anything except to tremble in fear.

“Hmph.” Suddenly, the Seventh Princess suddenly laughed, “That’s good too, at least it lets me know what kind of person he is, Pei Gu, what do you think of this person?”

The man froze and replied in a panic: “If he hadn’t pretended to look like this, to be honest, he would have looked like a man.”

“He has the skills to break ten thousand armies and the heart to be gentle to the world, he can be cruel to his enemies and kind to his friends, he is really good. The man said.

“What? Afraid I’ll scold you again?” The Seventh Princess said.

“Although it is true that my servant does not like such vile human beings very much, he is by no means afraid to say anything for fear of the Seventh Princess’ anger; good is good and bad is bad.”

Without speaking, the Seventh Princess nodded and looked at the departing Han Qianqian’s back, and could not help but smile lightly.

“Seventh Princess, so what do we do next? Now that the Ghost Dweller and the Jade Faced Cultivator have been beheaded one after another, should we go back and tell the family head that Pei Shiyuan’s plan has fallen through?” The man asked.

“No need.” The Seventh Princess shook her head, “Such talk of the Demon Cloud Ghost City being destroyed by a human city will quickly shock the entire demon race without much ado, and Father will naturally know then that the operation has failed.”

“I have no interest in fighting and killing, I have also been in the Pei Family Demon Garden since I was a child, so I would like to come out and have a lie down.” The Seventh Princess laughed.

“Go for a spin?” The man hesitated for a moment, but thinking carefully about the fifty elite guards that had come with the team, he wasn’t particularly worried about the Seventh Princess’s safety: “Where does the Seventh Princess want to go for a walk, I will go and make arrangements.”

“Where do you want to go?” The Seventh Princess smiled gently, “That is a very good question.”

After saying that, she gently placed a finger outside her veil with her jade hand, as if she was thinking, and then, a glint of light flashed in her eyes, “There it is.”

“Where to?”

“I don’t know, just to see him.” As the Seventh Princess spoke, her eyes narrowed into slits with joy.

Look at him?

The man was stunned when he looked in the direction of the Seventh Princess, only to find that she was not looking at Han Qianqian, who was far away.

On second thought, could it be that by looking at him, the Seventh Princess was referring to Han Qianqian?

“Seventh Princess, you mean ……” thinking of this, the man was quite surprised: “But, after that man’s bet was changed, didn’t he already explicitly say that he was going to go alone, and asked us not to bother him? ”

“Who said anything about hara*sing him?” The Seventh Princess smiled mysteriously, “The big road leads to the sky, each goes his own way.”

With those words, the Seventh Princess took the lead and walked quickly in Han Qianqian’s direction without the need for a*sistance.

The man nodded heavily and glanced back at the people behind him, “What are you still doing? Why don’t you follow the Seventh Princess and set off?”

The man saw the caravan follow, then he shook his head helplessly and let out a sigh.

And at this time Han three thousand ……