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His Destined Path Chapter 3239

After solving the immediate problem, he went on his way north, heading towards the outermost part of the Red Earth.

He was in a hurry because he had already lost some time here and he wanted to rejoin the Mountain Golem and the others as soon as possible, and because he didn’t know when the Seal of the Earth would return, so the sooner he rejoined them, the sooner he would be safer.

He didn’t want to get involved with the other side unless the Seal of the Earth broke out, but luckily the Seal of the Earth could still be stabilised, and once Han Qianqian heard that the other side was a member of Pei’s family, he didn’t want to be around them any more.

On the way out of the Red Earth City, Han Qianqian saw many of the prisoners who had survived in the underground world, but they did not go outside the city, instead they went against Han Qianqian and headed towards the city.

It seemed that Hong Luan’s gang had not broken their promise and were honestly releasing people to disperse their wealth.

After sweeping a glance at the black clouds in mid-air, Han Qianqian raised his eyes to the northern city gate and flew into the air, using the northern wall of the city to take advantage of the momentum.

With a roar, the axe light burst down with the black clouds, and suddenly, as Han Qianqian turned around and walked towards his body, the black clouds that had gathered over the Devil’s Cloud Ghost City also dispersed with a trembling and wild surge, leaving the Devil’s Cloud Ghost City with no more darkness, but the original sky of the Devil Race.

After walking a few dozen miles outside the city, Han Qianqian paused slightly. With his power, it was difficult for him to sense what was going on in the city as there were many people moving around.

However, now that the city was sparsely populated, Han Qianqian only needed to concentrate a little to clearly detect the difference behind him.

Even though they were quite far away from him, and even these guys were extremely good at hiding their scent, so that even Han Qianqian’s sense of them was almost negligible.

If Han Qianqian hadn’t been prepared for the possibility of a sneak attack in this unfamiliar environment because he was worried that the Seal of the Earth might break out at any moment, even he might not have noticed anything because of the minimal movement behind him.

However, this place was already a few dozen miles away from Demon Cloud Ghost Hengcheng, and judging from his speed, he should not be able to catch up with the group of underground civilians in Demon Cloud Ghost City.

As for the group of Ghost Dignitary’s men, it was not very likely either, they were unlikely to be able to keep up either, moreover, they had witnessed the sight of their own fury and killing, they should be inwardly fearful beyond measure.

So, it was unlikely to be them either.

Could it be the Seventh Princess of the Pei family?

That group had come on a strange beast and were extremely fast, so it seemed unlikely that they would be able to follow them.

Moreover, they were from the Pei family, so it was no secret that they knew their identity in advance, but they were just worried that they were not as strong as they should be and had not made it clear or had clashed.

But they were following themselves, yet they also thought about it.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian smiled coldly, and although he did not appear to be in any panic, he actually picked up speed on his feet and left even faster towards the north.

Almost as soon as Han Qianqian had gone, a group of people appeared quickly at his position.

Seeing that Han Qianqian had already travelled so far that he was about to disappear, they looked at each other in panic, then quickened their pace and quickly chased after him.

Half an hour, one hour.

But close to two hours or so later, the sky had darkened again, and at that moment, the red on the ground in the land of red earth began to grow less and less vivid.

At the far end, there were even layers of mountains, and Han Qianqian knew that he was close to walking out of the Land of Red Earth and leaving this weird and D*mned Devil Cloud Ghost City.

Another half hour later, the night was already late and the mountains were covered in black clouds, making the already mediocre visibility of the mountains even more difficult to see.

The group was halfway there when they realised that they could not see Han Qianqian’s figure, and were at a loss when they suddenly heard a puzzled voice in the darkness: “Is that you?”