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His Destined Path Chapter 3242

Not only did the old men kneel themselves, but when they saw that Han Qianqian was not kneeling at this moment, they also cursed loudly and angrily, “b*****d, why don’t you hurry up and kneel down?”

“Why are you kneeling?” Han Qianqian did not understand.

There were no fierce men, no thieves, and no gods in front of him, so what was he doing?

Is it possible to enter the city like the earth to Lhasa and kneel down three times?

“Why are you kneeling? Are you still pretending to be confused here? If it weren’t for the gods breaking through the Demon Cloud Ghost City, you and I would still be in that dark underground world serving as human eggs for that D*mned ghost daddy, how could we be so free?”

“Yes, the gods do not ask for anything in return, but we must feel sorry for them, so every slave who is released from the underground world must take a thousand steps and kowtow towards the sky to thank the gods for their great kindness.”

As the words fell, the five old men kowtowed on the spot and worshipped towards the sky.

“I am grateful for the grace of the gods and goddesses.”

Han Qianqian let out a bitter smile and raised his eyes to look directly in front of him, but he saw that those people directly in front of him had also really knelt down and worshipped at this moment, without anyone ordering them to do so, as if it was a tacit agreement between them.

“b*****d, don’t you kneel down yet?” After a few old men had finished worshipping, they glared angrily.

Han Qianqian had no choice but to laugh bitterly and made a sound, slightly kneeling on one knee and making some appearance, “I’ve never heard of the god man who saved you saying that you need to be so grateful to him.”

“If the godman doesn’t need it, we won’t do it?” The old man bellowed angrily.

“Worship again!”

Han Qianqian laughed bitterly helplessly, and in order to prevent the old men from getting angry again and getting angry, he simply followed the five of them and worshipped them too.

Anyway, it was only natural to worship one’s parents.

Although worshipping oneself was the first time one saw it, it was not a disadvantage.

“That’s only good.”

After the old men had finished worshipping, they saw that Han Qianqian had also worshipped, and only then did each of them reveal a pleased smile, “The great kindness of the gods and men is like rebuilding your parents, remember to keep it in mind and do not neglect it, let’s continue our journey.”

Han Qianqian let out a bitter smile, he hadn’t really thought of anyone repaying him in such a way, but seeing how grateful they were, Han Qianqian was in a rather good mood.

To see someone so happy, that was the greatest meaning of helping.

“Let’s move on to Caili City. If you want to say how evil the ghost daddy of this Demon Cloud Ghost City is, then how benevolent the city master of Caili City is. This evil and virtue are so close to each other that sometimes you can’t help but sigh at the providence of the world.”

“It’s true, this Cailuo City was just a small place at the beginning, just because most of the pa*sing merchants settled here, but who would have thought that it would grow to such a large scale now.”

“He was relegated to this place because of his lowly origins, but he had the help of his uncle who persuaded his father to a*sign him here.

As he listened to the old men’s words, Han Qianqian couldn’t help but be interested in the so-called city lord of Cailuo City.

To a certain extent, his experience was quite similar to his own, so Han Qianqian was really looking forward to this ambitious city lord as he was a “fellow traveller”.

As we talked, there were more and more people on the road, including not only monsters and civilians who had escaped from the Demon Cloud Ghost City, but also people who had taken a detour from another road to enter the city.

The road was full of people of all colours and colours, including dignitaries and wild and fierce men.

In front of the huge city gates, most people were waiting in line for the final clearance.

To Han Qianqian’s surprise, this Cailuo City was really different from other cities, as the soldiers at the gates were actually dressed in neat armour, just like in the Middle Kingdom, and were quite disciplined in maintaining order and checking the people pa*sing by.

“Why are there suddenly so many people today?” The guard officer guarding the city was looking at the huge crowd of people at this moment.

Although there had always been a lot of merchants pa*sing through the city, today the number of people had increased significantly, which made even the long-time guards at the gate a bit strange.

Hearing the officer’s question, the soldiers were not the least bit puzzled: “There are many coming from the Demon Cloud Ghost City.”

“Demon Cloud Ghost City?” The guard officer was stunned, “That place only enters people, since when did people start coming out?”

“Hehe, a god man heard that he directly destroyed the Demon Cloud Ghost City, come, next one.” The soldier shouted as he finished speaking.

And at that moment, the next one, it was Han Qianqian and a group of old men arrived in front of them ……