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His Destined Path Chapter 3243

The soldier took a look at Han Qianqian and then at the old man beside him and laughed, “Isn’t this the one who came over from the Demon Cloud Ghost City?”

“You’ve come from the Demon Cloud Ghost City?” The sergeant also swept a glance at the crowd and asked in a suspicious voice.

“Tell our leader what has happened in your Demon Cloud Ghost City.”

“Yes.” The old man leading the group was called Old Frustration, and at this point he answered, “There was a godly man who first beheaded the jade-faced Shura, and then killed the Ghost City Ghost Djinn, and greatly destroyed the Demon Cloud Ghost City, and now, the Demon Cloud Ghost City has been officially declared to have disappeared from the land of the demon race, and we, the slaves who were imprisoned, have also been given a good share of money and set free.”

At the mention of this, Old Frustration looked extremely excited, having spent almost most of his cruel and dark life in the Demon Cloud Ghost City, with each year’s shakedown being heart-breaking.

Now, people are old, not afraid of the shaking number anymore, waiting to die, yet how can they know that they have suddenly gained a free body, this kind of despair to the extreme and suddenly see the hope of excitement, obviously not ordinary people can understand.

“Is that really so?” The guard officer frowned, obviously having some difficulty believing it.

Although the soldier had already said more just now, he did not take it to heart, after all, Cailuo City had only clashed with Devil Cloud Ghost City some time ago, and although Cailuo City had won a great victory in the battle between the two sides, everyone who participated in that war understood.

Even if they had lost badly, they had still inflicted a great deal of damage on the city.

Now, the city lord was having a headache for the next big battle and was even arranging for the city to be prepared for a long war of attrition, but how could he have known that suddenly in one night, like a spring breeze, the vast Demon Cloud Ghost City was suddenly gone.

“My Lord, how dare we deceive you? Besides, you also know that this Demon Cloud Ghost City is a city where people enter but not leave, now that a large number of people have come out of the city, doesn’t it seem strange?” As soon as Old Frustration said that, the old men next to him followed suit and nodded their heads with smiles.

Seeing a group of old men like this, the guard was somewhat convinced, and yet, it was true.

“In your absence, we also let in quite a few guards from the Demon Cloud Ghost City, most of them were golden, in fact, at first we were worried if they were spies in disguise, however, this group of people were unarmed and also had all their armour removed, they all looked like vegetarians.”

After saying that, the soldier also pointed to the side next to the city gate, where a mountain of weapons and protective armour was being placed, it seemed that it was really an iron-clad fact that the Devil Cloud Ghost City had been exterminated.

“It’s really been destroyed!” The guard officer began to accept this fact, as looking into the distance, the symbolic black clouds of Devil Cloud Ghost City were indeed no longer visible either.

However, although he accepted this fact, he was still shocked inside: “If this is really the case, then what kind of divine being is actually so powerful?”

“That Ghostly Djinn is immortal, how many of Cailou City’s most formidable soldiers died in the last clash.” Even though he hadn’t fought the Ghostly Djinn at the time, every time he thought about the battle, he still felt terrified.

However, just as he was surprised, the soldier next to him gently touched him with his hand, reminding him that it was time to let the people go and that there was a long queue behind him.

The sergeant came to his senses and smiled, “I’d really like to see this god, he’s so powerful, come on, switch it on and let them in.”

How could he know that the great god he was expecting was standing right in front of him, ignored and ignored again, and then let into the city with a big wave of his hand?

With a smile on his face and not the slightest hint of bravado, Han Qianqian followed the old men as they slowly made their way towards the city with the crowd.

At almost the same time, somewhere at the other end of the tent, there was already a sudden sound of rage.

Someone, almost mad ……