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His Destined Path Chapter 3251

“Evidence?” Captain Tu smiled, “It’s very simple.”

With these words, he rushed towards Han Qianqian with a few steps, then grabbed Han Qianqian by the shoulders with a grasp, and put him face to face with the crowd, then said in a cold voice: “Gentlemen, what is the difference between him and us?”

A group of people looked closely at him, but it seemed that they could not tell what the difference was for a while.

“We all have noses and eyes, but there is no difference.”

“He’s just a little shorter and thinner, nothing wrong with him.”

Captain Tu smiled grimly, then, with a movement in his hand, he pulled the collar of Han Qianqian’s clothes slightly open: “Most of the devil people, no matter what kind of devils you are, are physically strong, even though there are also skinny people who survive, but they all have my devil markings on their necks, so look and see his neck.”

“He is not of the demon race.”

“This guy …… is ah, Captain Tu does not say, but I have not yet carefully observed, this careful look, indeed obvious ah.”

With Captain Tu’s words, the crowd came to their senses, the people of the devil race are strange and different looking, this in itself is not something special, since this is the case, that someone looks the same as the people of the Central Plains, it is indeed possible to find.

But the devil’s tattoo on the neck is not something that can be impersonated by another race, and only those who live in the land of the devils will enjoy it.

“The Chinese people don’t even dare to cross the city, so why would he come to us? It’s obvious.”

“That’s true, ordinary people wouldn’t dare to go so far into my demon tribe.”

Many people nodded their heads in agreement, as if what they said made sense.

“Couldn’t it be that it could be the people of the Middle Kingdom who were captured by the Demon Cloud Ghost City?” Chief Minister Chen faced pressure, but still did not draw a premature conclusion on the matter.

With these words, the scene was immediately shaken and many group sentiments were able to be suppressed.

But almost at that moment, a soft cry broke the brief peace.

“I remember, I’ve seen this guy at the city gate, this guy came in with a group of old men from Demon Cloud Ghost City when he first entered the city.”

Hearing this, the group’s sentiment rose again, and Captain Tu, who had been a little headache-stricken, regained his smugness and laughed, “Chief Minister Chen, if you are a Chinese human captured by the Demon Cloud Ghost City, then naturally your status is lower than that of an ordinary slave, how come you have survived until now? Secondly, and most importantly, even if this boy was lucky enough to have remained alive, shouldn’t he have been kept with those equally young slaves as he was strong and fit?”

“How is it that when it came to it, he would enter the city with some old men?”

“It is inevitable that this is not a place where there is no silver lining.” After saying this, he made a respectful curtsy, already indicating to Chief Commissioner Chen that he had been rude in speaking out.

He looked at Han Qianqian and said, “Captain Tu’s words are not without merit, do you know anything about this gentleman?”

Han Qianqian let out a bitter laugh, “I said that I was looking for someone and was delayed, so I just happened to meet some old men and went into the city together to look for them, I’m afraid no one would believe me, right?”

When he said that, Chief Chen was even more embarra*sed, but Captain Tu and the others were laughing with joy.

“Look, you’re at your wit’s end, you can’t find a reasonable explanation.”

“Arrest him and interrogate him severely, such a scum, don’t kill him without convincing the public.”

The crowd was so impa*sioned that Chief Minister Chen was at a loss as to what to do, and at that moment, he could only look at the City Master helplessly.

The city lord had been looking at Han Qianqian with a smile on his face, and even at this moment, he still did not have the slightest malice, and Han Qianqian could see that he should not be the kind of dim-witted lord who would believe in others based on a few words.

At this moment, he slightly raised his hand, signaling the crowd to be quiet, and then slowly walked down.

“He’s not a slave of the Demon Cloud Ghost City at all.” Arriving in front of Han Qianqian, he looked at Han Qianqian and smiled, “Am I right?”

“Yes.” Han Qianqian laughed.

“He’s not a slave then what is he? This seems to be more proof that he is a spy, doesn’t it?” Someone shouted at once.

He kept staring at Han Qianqian, but then suddenly smiled back, still looking at Han Qianqian, and said, “If he’s not a spy again, then do you guys think he’ll be the one who descended from heaven!”