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His Destined Path Chapter 3252

At these words, everyone froze on the spot, but the City Lord did not take his eyes off Han Qianqian for a single moment, just looking at him indifferently like that.

“He’ll be that godly man?”

“sh*t, is this joke too big?”

“Let’s not talk about how a godman is so formidable that he can destroy a city by himself, just this guy in front of me, as thin as a monkey, he might not even be able to beat ten ordinary people.”

“City Lord, even if you have to say that he is not a spy, there is no need to find such a hat to put on him.”

“A god man exterminating harm is a supreme existence in our hearts since, comparing this kid to that man, this is simply degrading to a god man, even though I usually admire the City Lord’s might, I must criticise the City Lord at this moment, don’t make fun of such things.”

Obviously, after a short period of peace, there was a loud and vocal attack, and even after the words came from the city lord, the crowd almost scolded Han Qianqian, and if Han Qianqian had admitted it himself, I am afraid that the spittle could have drowned him alive.

Han Qianqian smiled, and his face was indifferent, unaffected by the crowd’s spitting. He also reversed his stare at the city lord and said with a smile, “And what does the city lord think?”

“I think?” The City Lord smiled gently, “A godly man is invincible, one person can wipe out a city with the flip of a hand, so he must have divine powers and must also have an extraordinary weapon.”

“That’s why I said you, yes!”

As he spoke, his eyes became even more steely, as if he wanted to see through Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian smiled, he understood that the city lord was playing psychological warfare with him, but he hadn’t seen many people who could play to this extent: “Unfortunately, I’m just a commoner.”

“Yes.” He smiled again, “Unfortunately, your eyes have betrayed you.”

“You, the godly man who slaughtered the Demonic Cloud Ghost City.” With those words, he turned back slightly, and his eyes were no longer so naked, just looking up with a shallow smile.

Han Qianqian smiled and didn’t say anything.

He couldn’t guess what this city lord was thinking, didn’t know if he was telling the truth or not, and didn’t know if he was deliberately testing or intentionally blackmailing, but Han Qianqian understood that at this moment, if he made any subtle movements he would be captured by him in time.

Therefore, he just calmed down and looked at each other indifferently.

“That sh*te of mine, if he was a god, I would have ripped my head off on the spot and used it as a stool for all of you.”

“sh*t, I’m not only a stool for you guys, I’m also a bucket for you.”

There were some who shouted angrily, but there were many more who responded in kind, a group of people who despised each other and seemed to want to beat Han Qianqian into the eighteenth floor with their eyes alone.

“Oh, the city lord is simply going too far, the god man must be a divine power from heaven, and do not look at this skinny monkey in front of you like a waste, what can be the comparison between the two.”

“Indeed, it seems that what others say, this door before nothing will be peaceful, peaceful for a long time, this body will be wide will be fat even the brain will also float is true at all. Now that the Demon Cloud Ghost City has been destroyed, our City Master has no more enemies, and he has been amused to the limit for a while.”

In the face of the crowd’s angry scolding, Master Chen could not bear to watch.

If it were a normal thing, it would not be a problem, but today, the people are gathered, and if we let this happen, it would not be good. He took a few steps to the city lord’s side and whispered in his ear, “City lord, if we continue to talk about the current situation, I am afraid that it will cause discontent.”

“I know that the City Lord is kind-hearted and does not want to wrong others at will, but at this point in time, it is already difficult for the public opinion to stand up to the tiger, and it is important to be innocent, but your reputation has to be managed.”

When he heard the words of the chief, the young city lord slightly withdrew his gaze and looked around, as everyone was discontented. Knowing full well the truth of the master’s words, he nodded gently.

Without delay, Master Chen also nodded at that Captain Tu.

That Captain Tu instantly laughed: “Just now, it was just the City Lord deliberately swindling this kid, now the City Lord has an answer in his mind, come on, someone.”


“Take this spy down and escort him to the main prison to await interrogation.”

“Yes.” A few soldiers answered on the spot, walked to Han Qianqian’s side with a few steps and detained him directly.

Han Qianqian did not resist, but only glanced at the city lord with some disappointment, thinking that he had met some high ranking person, but in reality, it was no more than that.

With a soft smile, he looked back at the crowd of cheering onlookers behind him and suddenly understood the truth of all things.

“What the hell are you waiting for? Captain Tu bellowed, but his eyes were full of coldness, and then he bowed to the City Lord: “I will go to the prison and interrogate him personally.”

The city lord nodded slightly, and Captain Tu smiled even more sinisterly ……