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His Destined Path Chapter 3260

A few heavy knocks on the door suddenly came.

Captain Tu and a few soldiers looked at each other and were surprisingly a little flustered for a moment.

“Captain ……” one soldier was a little worried.

Who should it be if there was a knock on the door of the Heavenly Prison at this time?

Captain Tu also had some panic in his heart, and for a moment he couldn’t help but stop.

“Whoever it is, let’s ignore him first.” Captain Tu had already made up his mind in just a moment, even if the King of Heaven had come, he would never come to ruin his good deed at this time.

If he didn’t kill Han Qianqian today, it would be hard to let out his anger.

“But Captain, if the Lord of the City sends someone over, then we …… will be in a bit of a hurry,” the soldier said.

The use of lynchings was already a major crime, and now using the ice blade without orders was the worst crime of all, so if he refused to open the door, he couldn’t even imagine how serious the consequences would be. So, instead of doing so, it would be better to take advantage of the fact that no one was around to release the blades and open the door at the same time, so that everything could still be done in time.

With this in mind, a few of the soldiers were obviously already trying to open the door.

“If anyone f*cking dares to make a move, don’t blame me for being merciless.” The matter had come to this point, and there was no room for manoeuvre for Captain Tu.

Giving up at this point would be tantamount to failing to achieve anything, and he would lose both face and face.

On the contrary, it would be best to kill Han Qianqian and let out a sigh of frustration. As for the rest, after this matter is understood, he will have his own way.

When he thought of this, his murderous aura would appear, and he had the power to kill whoever moved.

“Let him come.”

Just when the atmosphere was incomparably cold, Han Qianqian broke the deadlock with a faint smile.

While several soldiers were dazed, the head butcher captain had long been rekindled with anger: “Come on, come on, is it possible that I’m still afraid?”

With those words, he stabbed Han Qianqian with his ice blade.

Han Qianqian frowned and suddenly a stream of light burst out from his body, and in a flash of lightning, Captain Tu, who was about to charge at Han Qianqian with the ice blade, was instantly knocked back by the stream of light.


With a loud sound, Captain Tu retreated instead of advancing, and his entire body smashed into the stone wall behind him, causing the whole interrogation platform to shake and the ground to tremble.


The pain from the huge impact barely gave Captain Tu any time to reflect, and a mouthful of blood spurted out directly from his mouth.

A group of soldiers instantly froze in place in shock, and the five old men of Old Frustration were also staring with their jaws dropped.

Before they could see clearly what was going on, the battle had already been reversed in a shocking manner.

“What? Did I really get it right? A skin that looks useless? Can’t even walk steadily?” Han Qianqian laughed lightly.

Captain Tu wanted to retaliate angrily, but the pain in his chest made him unable to open his mouth, and he could only look at Han Qianqian with a deadly look that seemed to kill him.

He glanced at a few soldiers, who were speechless for a moment. Although they were junior soldiers, they had not lost their wits out of anger, nor had they become emotional out of dignity.

They were not stupid, they had already had a number in mind at that time when they could not hurt Han Qianqian in the slightest, even though he was not moving at all.

This blow had completely expanded the number in their minds by countless times.

The first thing you can say is that as long as you are not stupid, you can clearly identify the situation on the field at this time.

“Let’s …… us to open the door.” Even with the authority of the captain and even though he kept a dead eye on the group of soldiers, several soldiers made their choice at the critical moment.

Then, regardless of Captain Tu’s cannibalistic gaze, several of them pushed and pushed, and went out quickly towards the outside of the interrogation table.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!”

In front of the interrogation table, only Captain Tu’s angry roar remained, but he couldn’t do anything but roar at this moment, and he couldn’t even curse out loud.

“Pity, tsk.” Han Qianqian looked at this fellow playfully, filled with sarcasm.

In just a few moments, as the door to the heavenly prison outside was opened, a burst of footsteps approached from outside.

A team of soldiers, obviously rich and neatly dressed, led by a young leader, entered the interrogation platform at a fast pace, and when they saw the scene in the room, several people were obviously stunned.

Was it the captain interrogating the prisoner, or was it the prisoner interrogating him?

At least what they saw in front of them looked more like the latter.

“Guardsman Zhang, what are you doing here?” Captain Tu asked as he rested a little and was now feeling better, biting down on his mouth full of blood and bracing himself with difficulty.