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His Destined Path Chapter 3261

“I was going to ask Captain Tu what you were doing.” The young chief leading the group asked in a soft voice.

You would say that the prisoner was interrogating him, but the scene was that Han Qianqian was still bound to the torture platform, unable to move.

But when you say he was interrogating the prisoner, he was covered in blood and in a terrible mess, as if he had just been beaten up by a group of people, but the prisoner was bound and only a few old men remained, and it was obvious from a glance that there were still five bad old men.

What’s more, his soldiers were all there, and all were injured, so it was really curious and puzzling for a while.

“Nothing, just playing around.” Captain Tu said as he braced himself, and at that moment a few of his men finally got up the courage to hurry up and help him up.

“Do you need to use the Thousand Cold Ice Blades to play around?” Guard Zhang swept a glance at the ice blade in his hand and said in a cold voice.

Captain Tu did not say anything and backhandedly hid the blade behind his back, “By the way, it seems that Protector Zhang has not answered my question.”

“As the City Lord’s personal guard, it is interesting to run to the land of the Heavenly Prison instead of protecting the City Lord properly.”

“I have been ordered by the City Lord to come to the Heavenly Prison to get someone, may I ask, does Captain Tu have any doubts about this?” Guard Zhang raised his sword and bowed with an arch of his hand, and Tai said.

“The City Lord’s order?” Captain Tu frowned.

“Hmph.” Guard Zhang laughed coldly and threw a token over, “The City Lord will personally interrogate him, untie him and take him away.”

“Yes.” With those words, several of Protector Zhang’s men took a few steps to Han Qianqian’s side, removed the ropes from his body, and then escorted him to Protector Zhang’s front.

After taking a look at Han Qianqian, Guard Zhang took off his own jacket and had the soldier put it on Han Qianqian before he turned around with Han Qianqian and walked towards the outside of the cell.

“Oh, by the way, uninvolved people, leave quickly, the Heavenly Prison is an important place, not for idle people to stay.”

As the words fell, the old frustrated few old men also reflected and hurriedly followed along to also leave the heavenly prison.


As soon as these people left, Captain Tu pushed the soldiers around him away, and his hand, which was holding the token, suddenly became a fist and smashed it hard on the table in front of him.

With a loud bang, the table shattered, and the token in his hand also shattered in his fist.

When he came out of the Heavenly Prison, it was already dusk.

Guardian Zhang suddenly stopped and glanced at Old Frustration and the other five old men, “Do you plan to follow them into the City Lord’s residence?”

When Old Frustration and the others heard this, they could only glance worriedly at Han Qianqian, and then stood helplessly at the same spot, watching the group of people leading Han Qianqian towards the City Lord’s residence.

As they pa*sed by, the city was still bustling with activity.

However, the path that Zhang took Han Qianqian on was mostly a small one, and although the bustle of the city could be heard, they did not come into contact with many people almost all the way.

Ten minutes later, the group finally arrived at the door of a huge mansion.

The dozen or so guards standing in front of the gate looked extremely powerful, complementing the stone lions in front of it.

“Go in.” Guard Zhang said, rising to take the lead and entering.

These were the only words he spoke in ten minutes.

Once inside the mansion, the birdsong and flowers, the rockery and flowing water were beautiful, to say that the realm of the earth was no more than that, but to Han Qianqian, after seeing the hypocrisy of that city lord before, these things were no longer enough to make Han Qianqian have any change of heart towards him.

He was nothing more than a man of the wind and elegance.

With Zhang Guardian, the group walked through the main hall and into the deep, quiet backyard behind it. Finally, the group stopped in front of a house.

There were couplets in front of the house, words of praise for chrysanthemums and bamboo, which seemed quite chic.

“Go in, the City Lord is waiting for you inside.” When Guard Zhang finished speaking, he glanced towards a few soldiers around, and at once, those soldiers not only unlocked the chains on Han Qianqian’s last feet, but at the same time, one soldier offered a set of chic clothes with both hands for Han Qianqian to put on.

After finishing these, the group of soldiers turned around and left without saying a word to guard Zhang, leaving Han Qianqian standing alone in front of the door.

Han Qianqian was a bit confused for a while, wasn’t he going to take himself to the interrogation? What is the meaning of suddenly leaving?

He was not afraid that he would go in and kill the city master?

Is that so interesting?

After raising his eyes and glancing at the room in front of him, Han Qianqian gave a bitter smile and pushed open the door ……