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His Destined Path Chapter 3264

“Right, eat your food.” Zhu Yanshuo laughed softly, digressing from the topic.

He was not willing to say more, and Han Qianqian was not willing to ask more, so he smiled and nodded, and pushed and exchanged gla*ses with him.

After three decades of wine, Zhu Yanshuo had almost finished drinking, and his face was already red with wine, so he gently got up: “By the way, it is late today, I have arranged a room for a guest, if you don’t mind, how would you like to spend the night in the City Lord’s residence?”

“A ton of wine, we have talked for two hours, but from the beginning to the end, City Lord Zhu has never asked Han for any information, a ton of wine is just fine, but if you want to let Han stay here, is City Lord Zhu not afraid of something weird at night?” Han Qianqian laughed.

“I love to make friends with people all over the world, so I’m not afraid of people, but it’s hard to change my nature.” The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

“The city has become so prosperous today because of the help of all of you, so I have always insisted on treating people with the same heart.

“Secondly, as the so-called heroes do not ask for a way out, Zhu person naturally does not care about the past.”

“A good phrase, a hero does not ask for a way out.” Han Qianqian smiled lightly and nodded. Although it was true that sometimes people were foolishly deceived by others, they would always meet sincere friends because of their initial hearts, and it was impossible to judge whether this was good or bad, but at least City Master Zhu seemed to be going in a good direction right now, as he had indeed gotten all the talents of his heart.

“Since City Master Zhu has said so, then if I refuse, I will be narrow-minded, so thank you, City Master Zhu.” Han Qianqian smiled gently.

After all, Han Qianqian had to find out what happened between Xia Wei and Zhu Yan’er. It was full of weirdness and it concerned his friend, so how could Han Qianqian’s personality not find out?

It was not clear whether Lord Zhu was trying to push the boat out, or whether he was deliberately testing himself.

But no matter what, this was the result Han Qianqian wanted.

“Good, someone.” City Lord Zhu called out softly.

“City Lord.” An old butler was then quickly waiting outside the door.

“Take your guest down to rest.” City Lord Zhu said.

“Yes, City Lord.” The old butler nodded, glanced at Han Qianqian, and respectfully invited his hand, “Distinguished guest, please follow the old man.”

Han Qianqian got up and gave Zhu Yanshuo a curtsy, “I will first take my leave.”

With these words, he left the room and followed the old housekeeper all the way down to the next garden.

The garden was surrounded by flowers and flowing water, and the corridors on all sides were lightly lit with lanterns, giving it a cla*sical beauty. Han Qianqian’s house is located in the east room of the garden, facing the flowers and flowing water, where one can smell the fragrance of the flowers and listen to the gurgling water, and in the midst of the quietness there is a little noise, and in the midst of the noise there is more peace.

“If you need anything during the night, please feel free to call out to us in the courtyard, we will be standing by in the compartment at the entrance to the garden.” The old butler opened the door and turned around and said with a smile.

Han Qianqian nodded, but in his mind he had been planning the entire road and surroundings that he had seen on his way here, and had roughly compiled a map of the backyard to the garden.

“Then old man will not disturb the dignitary’s rest and will leave first.” Seeing that Han Qianqian was ignoring him, the old butler smiled and saluted, then closed the door for Han Qianqian and turned to leave.

Once the old butler had left, Han Qianqian took off his shoes and coat, then blew out the candles and turned back to his bed to rest.

At this moment, the entire garden returned to its initial tranquillity.

However, although the lights were out, Han Qianqian’s eyes were never closed because he was afraid that the other party would test him.

If he were to act now, he was afraid that not only would he not be able to find out what was going on, but he would also let them catch him in the act.

At that time, all doubts and clues would be completely interrupted, so Han Qianqian naturally would not be so reckless.

Therefore, he simply turned off the light and lay down, so that he could conceal his purpose and at the same time, he could observe the outside situation from his own room.

About three hours later, the night was already like a black cloud overhead, and even though there were some lanterns hanging outside the house, it was still a little dark outside.

However, at this moment, Han Qianqian sat up with a start, because there was a movement inside the garden ……