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His Destined Path Chapter 3265

In the darkness, Han Qianqian couldn’t help but crack a faint smile, he couldn’t help himself anymore, he was going to move ahead?

The reason why Han Qianqian had stayed in bed for three hours was to compete with the other party’s spy for patience.

It was obvious that Han Qianqian had won, at least for the time being, because the other party could not resist any longer.

With this in mind, Han Qianqian gently got out of bed and tiptoed all the way to the door.

Looking out through the window, it was dark outside, but the lanterns hanging in the corridor in the distance were faintly lit up, and it was under this light that Han Qianqian could faintly see a figure pa*sing quickly through the corridor and entering the west wing opposite Han Qianqian.

The west wing had been without light or fire or sound since Han Qianqian entered, so it did not seem to be inhabited.

The most paradoxical thing is that this person has been in there for several minutes, but even now there is still no light on in the room, in case the Buddha ……

It was as if the man had disappeared into the house.

The first thing you need to do is to get up and open the door of your own room, and then quietly follow the cover of the flowers and plants in front of the door and follow them all the way up.

When he arrived at the door of the west wing, Han Qianqian suddenly frowned.

There was a strong smell of herbs in the air.

Although Han Qianqian did not know much about the art of medicine, as the current master of Immortal Spirit Island, Han Qianqian was still far more familiar with medicinal herbs than ordinary people.

Although these herbs were most likely different from those in the Chinese world, all medicines under the sun had the same medicinal principles, and from this smell, Han Qianqian could almost decide that these medicines were used to heal wounds by relaxing the tendons and activating the blood.

However, there was also a hint of strangeness in the fact that there was something peculiar left in this healing medicine.

Although it was impossible to tell exactly what this was, the strange fragrance of this stuff was a constant indication of its unique and special nature.

“What does this mean?” Han Qianqian was somewhat puzzled.

Among medicinal herbs there would rarely be anything with a strange fragrance, just as among mushrooms there were few non-poisonous ones with bright colours, and from an Immortal Spirit Island master’s knowledge and intuition of medicinal herbs, this fragrance was more like something poisonous.

It was both healing and poisonous, so Han Qianqian had his reasons for being strange now.

However, this did confirm Han Qianqian’s suspicions.

There was indeed something wrong with this City Lord’s residence.

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian turned around and, after making sure that no one was around, gently opened the door to the west wing and went straight in.

Once inside, the room was dark and invisible. Han Qianqian held his breath and looked around carefully, but there was no movement around.

This was all the more strange because he had clearly seen a man enter the house, and there was no other door in the house except the main door.

How could he have suddenly disappeared? Could it be that there was some other mechanism in the house?

When he thought of this, Han Qianqian’s mind thought, the little black stick immediately flashed out from his body and turned into a torch in his hand.

With the help of the little black stick, Han Qianqian looked around the room and saw that the room was not very different from the east room, the only difference being that the west room was next door to the east room and the opposite room, and the painting in the centre hall was different.

One was a chrysanthemum and the other was a peony.

Han Qianqian, who had found nothing, suddenly shone his little black stick on the peony in the west wing again.

It was just a quick glance, but the more Han Qianqian looked at it, the stranger it seemed.

Although it didn’t seem to be anything special, for some reason, Han Qianqian felt that it was extremely different from the style of the rest of the house.

“Could it be that the mechanism is here?”

Thinking of this, Han Qianqian frowned and rushed to the giant picture in a few steps, holding the little black stick, and then quickly felt around, when suddenly, Han Qianqian suddenly found that the vase under the painting could not be moved.

The mechanism was really here!

Han Qianqian was about to make a move, but at that moment, the small black stick in his hand suddenly moved uncontrollably, and Han Qianqian subconsciously held it tighter when suddenly a black shadow flashed behind him.

When Han Qianqian subconsciously tried to turn back, a black shadow suddenly attacked his head, followed by a black eye, he directly pa*sed out ……