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His Destined Path Chapter 3267

Han Qianqian did not need the old butler to answer, because from his eyes, he had already gotten the answer he needed.

It was none other than Zhu Yan’er, or Xia Wei, who was competing in the marriage.

Han Qianqian would never let such a thing happen, he knew better than anyone else the identity of Xia Wei, she was the daughter of the phoenix, how could she just hand over to someone else and so on?

This is about the rebirth of the phoenix clan, Xia Ran put his sister in his hands, how could he let Xia Wei marry someone else at will? The first thing that I would do is to let her marry someone else.

Even if he and she are not destined to be together, but the person who marries her, in Han Qianqian’s case, must also go through Xia Wei’s consent.

The idea of this made Han Qianqian feel even more worried, and his steps towards the hustle and bustle were quickening.

He didn’t know what was going on at Xia Wei’s place, but at least before Xia Wei’s sanity got any lighter, there was no way he was going to let her engage in some kind of a ghost tournament.

A few minutes later, Han Qianqian crossed the entire back hall and rushed to the front of the main hall of the City Lord’s residence.

Like many city lord’s mansions, there was still an empty hall in front of the city lord’s main hall, which not only showed off the prestige of the main hall, but also served as a place for the city lord to train his troops.

However, at this point in time, the ground, which was already full of nearly 10,000 soldiers, was packed with people, and it would not be an exaggeration to describe it as a watery place.

Han Qianqian looked at the crowd in front of him and tried to rush through the crowd, but found that it was so crowded that every time Han Qianqian charged, he barely got half a metre into the outer layer of the crowd before he was bounced off again.

But before Han Qianqian could do anything about it, the crowd that was pouring in behind him completely blocked his way back.

“Hey, I didn’t expect that Lord Zhu of Cailuo City actually had a sister, I haven’t heard much about that.”

“That’s true, all along I thought Lord Zhu was just a concubine who had been kicked out of the city, but how could I have imagined that he would actually have a sister.”

“But if he’s hiding it so much, he’s probably not a good person, otherwise, why wouldn’t he mention it?”

“Yes, probably not only is it not good, but it’s not clear that it’s also scary looking.”

“But it’s the city lord’s sister, even if she’s ugly, she’s still a status. If you can marry her, you’ll become a phoenix.

“Now that the Demon Cloud Ghost City has been destroyed, the Lord of Cailuo City is a powerful party, and his future may be even more unlimited.

“When the red flag at home doesn’t fall and the colourful flag outside flutters, wouldn’t that be a great pleasure in life?”

The people around, at this point, were all excited without fail, talking, laughing and excited, many of them had even waited quite impatiently, looking as if they were eager to give it a try.

For most people, whether the City Lord’s sister was beautiful or not was an afterthought, and many had even made up their minds that Lord Zhu’s sister was bound to be ugly.

After all, this city lord didn’t announce it earlier but announced it later, but at the time of the great victory of the fallen city, his purpose is really clear!

This is to take advantage of the situation to marry his sister.

Obviously, wasn’t that the reason?

But even so, what could be done? The most important thing right now is that the current Lord of Zhu is a very popular figure, and whoever can tie up such a thigh will naturally have a worry-free future.

Whoever can tie up with such a thief will have a secure future.

How could anyone not be tempted by this?

And almost at that moment, a courtesy officer slowly walked out from the main hall, “Gentlemen, quiet, quiet.”

“First of all, on behalf of Lord Zhu City, I would like to thank you all for coming to this competition for Lord Zhu’s own sister.”

“Next, please welcome Lord Zhu City and Princess Zhu Family to the stage.”

With the words, as the ceremonial music rang out, Zhu Yanshuo and Zhu Yan’er, slowly walked out from the middle of the main hall ……