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His Destined Path Chapter 3268

Zhu Yanshuo walked at the front, in a flowing dress that was exceptionally appropriate, and his already elegant looks and temperament gave him an indescribable nobility and elegance.

Zhu Yan’er gently followed behind Zhu Yanshuo, in a long green and white dress that accentuated her tall and slender figure, while the pale colour scheme made her snow-like skin look even more attractive.

On her head, the white veil covered her head slightly, and her face could not be seen in the haze, but to Han Qianqian, that stunning and special face, he would never forget even if he covered it with ten thousand layers.

“sh*t, it’s out, it’s out.”

“Aiya, although I roughly know that this Miss Zhu doesn’t look miscellaneous, but honestly speaking, just looking at this body also definitely brings the punch.”

“That’s right, plus this skin is like snow, there is a good saying, a white cover a hundred ugly, huh, with Miss Zhu’s white, a thousand ugly can be covered.”

“sh*t, this is simply a lot better than the worst case scenario we thought.”

“Indeed, it seems that I’ll have to make an effort later on, gentlemen.”

As soon as they saw the Zhu family siblings come out, the people on the stage were all excited, many of them even sharpening their fists, ready to leap into action.

Han Qianqian looked at them and was anxious for a while.

“Gentlemen.” And almost at the same time, Zhu Yan Shuo also walked to the front of the hall right in the middle, and with a call, all the people below instantly responded.

“At that time, I told you all that if one day I could make the city a great place, then your treatment would not be any worse.”

“Those who follow me will be the masters of the kingdom.”

“It is a pity that the Devil’s Cloud Ghost City was destroyed by the gods, although it is a blessing for our city, but I know that many aspiring people have regrets. It so happens that I have a sister named Yan’er, who has now become a young man. After following my sister’s consent, and as a token of my gratitude to all my friends and family, I have ordered this match to be held.”

“I am looking for a good son-in-law for my sister, and at the same time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the years.”

With these words, Zhu Yanshuo took the lead in applauding, and the people on the stage responded one by one, and suddenly the applause shook the ears, and the momentum was steep.

Han Qianqian looked on coldly at what was happening, and although he was in the middle of the action, the action had nothing to do with him.

This Zhu Yanshuo was really something else, he had simply come up with a few birds with one stone.

He was content to find a good husband for his sister in this way, and at the same time, he was able to enlist people in this way.

As for the other birds, Han Qianqian has not yet solved the mystery of Xia Wei’s transformation into Zhu Yan’er, so he does not know yet, but no matter what, just the two birds mentioned above are enough to show how well this guy Zhu Yanshuo knows how to play.

It was no surprise that Cailuo City was rapidly growing while receiving all kinds of praise.

“Well, without further ado, I also believe that at this moment, all of you are not the least bit interested in this big man like me.” At the words, the stage laughed loudly.

“Then I will briefly explain the rules of this tournament, there is incense on the stage, the more forward you are on the stage the shorter the incense will be, and vice versa the more forward you are the longer the incense will be. After the incense has been burned out and no one comes to the ring to challenge, that person will be today’s ring master and at the same time become the husband of Zhu’s little sister. My sister will watch the battle from the side of the ring, and the winner may even have a kiss.”

“Also, although swords have no eyes, you are all friends of Zhu, so I must remind you that although the competition is important, it is best to stop at the end.”

“Now then, I formally announce that the match competition, officially begins.”

The words fell, Zhu Yanshuo smiled gently, then slowly retreated, and at this time, the stage was so momentum, each one was even more excited.

As the courtesan shouted out the start, heavy drums were beaten all around, and the atmosphere was pushed to the highest point for a while.

In the middle of the crowd, two figures took the lead, each holding a weapon and obviously ready to fight.

On Han Qianqian’s side, his teeth were also clenched at this point, and he was ready to rush forward at any moment.

A kiss in public? What kind of trick is Zhu Yanshuo playing here?

Is this an emotional move? Or is this a deliberate …… move?