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His Destined Path Chapter 3270

As the courtesan and the crowd gasped, a young man slowly made his way to the stage.

If the ghost-faced man was a scholarly, frail and polite man, then the man on stage was a refined-looking man with the elegance of a wealthy gentleman.

“Wow, holy sh*t, I’m not f*cking blind, am I? That’s ……”

“What the hell, that’s not even possible?”

The crowd was shocked and exploded, obviously having a hard time accepting this new person on the stage.

“Lord Ruyu!”

“That’s the son of the Ning family, not only is his family rich, but he’s also young and talented, the future head of the Ning family, and even he wants to steal Miss Zhu from us?”

“D*mn it, with his looks and ability, if he were to beckon, not to mention a mere sister of the Lord of Cailu City, even the Pei family, the biggest power in this vicinity, would definitely give face to marry their own princess to him ah.”

“This ……”

Many people were very puzzled and surprised, while even feeling a bit sorry for this Ruyu Gongzi.

At this moment, Han Qianqian was very depressed.

As that Ruyu Gongzi made his appearance, the following onlookers were eagerly awaiting, many of them even pushed each other to grab a good seat, those who could not grab also directly padded up their toes, and for a time directly blocked the gaping road that could still be taken directly to Han Qianqian.

It was only now that the Seal of the Earth existed, otherwise Han Qianqian really wanted to directly step on the heads of these people and simply fly over.

“Duke Ruyu, you’re quite a surprise, I didn’t expect you to even get together with this kind of hilarity.” On the stage, the Ghost Faced One was also quite a bit surprised by the appearance of Duke Ruyu.

After all, Duke Ruyu was equally famous, so it was impossible to say that he did not have the slightest scruple.

“As the saying goes, a gentleman is good at martyrdom when he is a fair lady, so naturally, the Zhu family’s young lady is something that men would like to pursue.” The Jade Prince smiled gently, then swept a glance at the fan in the Ghost Faced Man’s hand and said, “I have heard that the folding fan in the Ghost Faced Man’s hand is like a soul hooked by the King of Hell, and if the fan comes out, blood will be seen, I would like to learn more.”

The ghost-faced man did not show any weakness either, and laughed coldly, “Then I will do as you wish.”

With these words, the two men, who were considered very refined even among the Chinese, not to mention the demons, suddenly lunged at each other with the ferocity of two bolts of lightning.

Both of them were so fast and fierce that although it was best to stop at the end of the ring, it was clear that for both of them, they wanted to kill each other with a single blow.

The fight between the two sides was so intense that people couldn’t take their eyes off it.

Even Han Qianqian could not help but stop in his tracks at this moment and was directly captivated.

“It’s really a battle between heavenly thunder and earthly fire, this is too D*mn exciting.”

“This Duke Ruyu has been rumoured in the Jianghu world that not only is he from an extremely good family, but most importantly, his personal cultivation is also very fierce, saying that he is a young talent with an unlimited future. Originally, I thought it was just a compliment from others, but when I saw him today, I found out that he is not just a name in vain, he can actually fight the Ghost Faced One so well.”

“Indeed, the Ghost Faced One has been a renowned fighter for many years, and it’s only been three years since Prince Ruyu came into the world, yet he was able to fight him to such an extent. Even if he loses, he will not be ashamed.”

The people around him sighed, but Han Qianqian was the only one who laughed coldly at this.

It was said that an insider would see the doorway, while an outsider would see the fun, and this was true.

In the eyes of others, they might have been thrilled that Ruyu was able to fight against the ghost-faced man, but Han Qianqian was already preparing to move on.

For it was clear that in Han Qianqian’s eyes, the match had basically been declared to be over early.

That Ruyu Duke was not at all on par with the Ghost Faced One, on the contrary, he could even be said to have won.

In the eyes of others, the two fought in a matter of a few moves, but in Han Qianqian’s eyes, the two had already exchanged hundreds of moves.

This was the difference between the analysis of the battle between an expert and a low hand.

So, instead of wasting time here, it was better to do what one should do.

And almost less than half a minute after Han Qianqian left to go forward, with a soft smile from Prince Ruyu, the ghost-faced man had already retreated slightly by a few steps and reluctantly conceded defeat.

The crowd erupted, and the incense was rekindled, but for a long time no one dared to get on top of the ring, and even, many in the crowd did not dare to move for fear of being mistaken for a challenge.

Except for one person ……