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His Destined Path Chapter 3269

At that moment, with the sound of the gong, the two strong men attacked each other violently.

The two men’s murderous auras exploded, each fierce between a sword and a spear, the sword had the strength of a sword, the spear had the fierceness of a spear, and when the sword and spear clashed, flames shot out in all directions.

“Worthy of being the Demon Gun Emissary, despite the unusually fierce attacks from the opposite Blade King, they were actually all defused one by one.” Someone commented.

“It has been said since ancient times that an inch is long and an inch is strong, the gun is naturally as long as it is fierce, within ten moves, the Blade King will be defeated.” Another person also echoed and said.

Han Qianqian did not say anything, but just stared closely at the situation on the field.

Although it was true that the spear user had the advantage in weaponry, it was not enough for him to maintain an absolute advantage in the duel, but he was able to do so because of the steadiness of his footwork.

The spear was like a dragon, and his feet were like stepping on eight trigrams.

Within three moves, not to mention ten, the Blade King would be defeated.

It is said that those who rush up early are often half-filled with water, but judging from the swordsman and the gunman, this Cailu City is really a place where dragons and tigers are hidden.

Even if they were half-flooded, they were still quite powerful.

Almost at the same time as Han Qianqian was thinking, the gunman on the stage made a move that brought the tip of his gun straight to the throat of the knife fighter, and the winner was already decided.

Almost at the same time, the courtesan took out a piece of incense about the thickness of his thumb and lit it, slowly bringing it up.

According to the rules, if the incense burned out and no one else came up to challenge, the shooter would be the new king of the ring.

However, with such rules and such a large crowd, how could it be so easy?

Almost before the defeated swordsman stepped down from the stage, another burly man, with a huge axe in his hand, rushed straight onto the stage.

But, similar to what Han Qianqian had seen, the gunman used his spear technique coupled with his footwork to directly knock him out of the ring in just a few rounds, and he was steeped in shouting and even nodded at Zhu Yanshuo in the stands, and Zhu Yan’er beside the ring.

Han Qianqian smiled gently, but then unintentionally swept over a white-faced scholar standing beside him.

This man was holding a folding fan, looking at the scene on the stage with ease and complacency, and his eyes were full of complacency and arrogance, as if he had a good plan.

Almost immediately, the scholar’s feet moved and he flew over.

“Hey, hey, the Ghost Faced One is on stage, this is going to be a good show.”

The people around him nodded their heads, “Who says otherwise, this Ghost Faced One looks like a gentleman, or even a man with no hands, but in reality, he is a ruthless and ruthless person.”

“The so-called ghost face, originally said that his face is like a human, but the face is as scary as a ghost.”

A group of people spoke eloquently, seemingly quite confident in this person.

And sure enough, only a short time after this scholar took the stage, the gunner of the two consecutive rings was simply knocked out of the ring, while the long incense belonging to the scholar was rekindled in the ring.

And as the Master of Ceremonies announced his victory, for a while, there was no more of the clamour above the ring that there had been earlier, and many of those who wanted to go up were now looking at each other.

Obviously, it was time for the big goods to go on, and many people didn’t dare to go on at all.

Han Qianqian smiled gently and took advantage of the fact that the people were all dumbfounded, so he finally managed to find some gaps in the overcrowded crowd, and then, through these gaps, Han Qianqian cut his way through and slowly walked towards the ring.

“Is there no one left?”

On top of the grandstand, the ghost-faced scholar blandly collected his fan and gently looked around at the crowd of ten thousand people below.

He was happy that at least the crowd was a bit packed at this point, but after all, no one dared to come up to the stage for the time being, which at least showed that his authority was sufficient.

As a famous disciple of the city, he was confident, not because he had an inflated heart, but because he had his own skills, especially the folding fan in his hand, which looked ordinary but was actually full of killing moves in his hands.

He had been in the jianghu for many years, but there were very few people who could take ten moves with this fan.

Not to mention that the ghost-faced man has his very own internal power and evil kung fu to complement it.

He did not dare to say that he would win the ring, but he believed that he was definitely the strongest contender.

“One third of the incense has been burned, is there anyone else who wishes to challenge?” The ritual officer gently urged at this point.

“I’ll try.” A voice, too, snapped in response ……