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His Destined Path Chapter 3273

Some people looked at Han Qianqian’s back and felt that he was very dashing, after all, he was brave to challenge Prince Ruyu without being frightened.

But more people looked at Han Qianqian’s back, but they couldn’t help but snicker.

“There are silly people who are riding the tiger, now, they really want to go up and fight in the ring.”

“Gentlemen, it’s idle anyway, let’s make a bet, shall we?” Someone laughed.

“What’s the bet?” Many people became interested.

“What else can we bet on? Can we still bet on whether this guy can win or not? If you want to bet, you should bet on what you can bet on.” The man smiled, “Let’s bet on how long he can stand in the ring.”

“sh*t, how many f*cking seconds will that take?” At the sound of betting on this, many people sn*ggered on the spot.

“One second to ten seconds, bet as much as you like, high odds after ten seconds, come on, I’ll sit at the bank.”

With a sneer, Mr. Lu on the side fished out a few purple crystals from his pocket and flung them directly to the man, “Here’s ten thousand purple crystals, I’ll bet on him losing in three seconds.”

With those words, Mr. Lu took a few people with him, turned around and headed for his position.

With Mr. Lu being the first to eat the crab, the next step was even easier, as the next people also placed their bets, and in almost no time at all, all kinds of buys within five seconds were almost directly bought at extremely high odds, and the odds were thus ridiculously low.

“One to twenty in ten seconds? What about after a minute?” One gambler asked.

When he heard this, the dealer was stunned, and then he joined the people next to him in a roar of laughter.

Ten seconds later was a huge problem, and what about a minute? What is this if not a laughing stock?

However, the banker naturally didn’t refuse, and when someone asked, he simply said, “One minute later, one to eighty.”

One to eighty is obviously a very difficult bet for a normal bookmaker to offer, after all, if it is guessed, the result will most likely cost the banker nothing.

But to that bookmaker at the moment, such high odds were rightly regarded as a shakedown.

After all, there was no chance of that happening, it was just a case of offering higher odds and being a dog of a dealer.

He was like that, and so was everyone else. Some things look like high odds, but in reality they’re just holes in the ground, so naturally you can’t buy them with your real money, you can just treat them as a joke and have fun.

It was the gambler, however, who was overwhelmed when he heard the high odds.

This meant that if he bet a hundred purple crystals, he could earn back 8,000, which was like getting rich overnight.

Thinking of this, he held back his excitement and asked, “What if it’s ten minutes?”

“Ten minutes?” The banker was stunned again and looked around at the onlookers, “I’ll give you one hundred and six.”

“One hundred and six?” The gambler’s eyes lit up even more: “What if that boy wins?”

This time, without waiting for the banker to answer, the people around him had already answered directly.

“f*ck, you’re the kind of gambling dog who’s lost all his money, aren’t you?

“If he was in his right mind he wouldn’t be in this situation, he’s obviously lost a lot of money and he’s here dreaming about it.”

“If you’re going to hope for such a big turnaround, little gambling dog, I suggest you might as well go for a good spin on the road, maybe a few tens of thousands of amethysts will drop on the road than you’re gambling on these odds here.”

A group of people snorted and snickered, laughing and laughing, full of sarcasm.

The gambler was also a little embarra*sed for a while, but he had really lost too much during this period of time, and debts were flying all over the place outside, and in a place like the Demon Race, the consequences would be very horrible if he got into debt.

So, he also knew that there was little hope, but he also wanted to turn around as a Jedi.

Anyway, it was a death in every direction.

Thinking of this, he also swept a glance at a few villains in the crowd.

They were one of the debtors today, but this grandson was enough of a thief to flee all the way here, trying to rely on the city lord’s house to avoid the violent debt collection by himself and the others.

“How much is it?” The gambling dog gritted his teeth and asked in a sharp voice.

The sitting banker froze, then smiled, “Good, if he wins, I’ll double it for you, one to three hundred and twenty.”

“Three hundred and twenty? Okay, I’m all in.” With these words, he fiercely fished out a large bag from his bosom ……