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His Destined Path Chapter 3274


With a soft sound, the large bag was then thrown directly in front of the sitter.

Filled with suspicion, the sitter took the bag and looked inside, and instantly his eyes lit up.

Although the bag was large, the purple crystals inside were not that much, it was just that compared to the other people’s bets, this betting dog was more or less a big deal again.

“About fifty thousand amethysts, are you sure?” The man sitting at the banker was a little puzzled, but there was also a surprise in his eyes that he couldn’t hide.

After all, for him, such a bet was actually no different from giving him money. Fifty thousand purple crystals, that was a considerable amount of money.

The gambling dog was also a bit panicked, and even cold sweat was breaking out on his forehead. Even though he had placed the bet himself, he actually didn’t have any bottom in his heart.

The 50,000 was a loan shark that he had just borrowed from another family, and he now owed a full ten.

So, there is no such thing as tearing down the east wall to make up for the west wall; it is simply a last ditch effort.

Either, suddenly a big turnaround and live happily ever after, or from then on debts pile on debts and form a high table, while they themselves end up being beaten to death alive.

Anyway, the gambling dog mentality of taking a chance on turning a bike into a motorbike is the same as this in any world.

“OK, all in.” The betting dog gritted his teeth and made up his mind.

“Okay, buy it and leave it.” The sitting banker shouted and laughed off the 50,000 purple crystals one by one.

With such a for, many people also laughed softly and coldly along with the sitter.

From a certain point of view, what this gambling dog was experiencing was really quite pitiful, but as many old sayings say, a pitiful person must have a hateful cause.

And at this moment, Han Qianqian, who was close to the grandstand, was getting closer and closer.

Almost everyone at the scene took the initiative to make way for him and looked straight at him all the way.

As the Duke of Ruyu closed his body slightly, he looked at Han Qianqian, who was walking towards his stage, and was quite puzzled for a while.

He did not understand what this fellow Han Qianqian was trying to do.

From the looks of it, Han Qianqian was naturally extremely small, and this guy had no energy flowing around him, nor did he look like a high ranking person, but such a person actually dared to challenge him in the ring at this time, so it was only natural that he was surprised.

But when Zhu Yanshuo, who was at the front of the hall, saw Han Qianqian, his expression was rather odd.

To say that he was surprised did not seem right, but to say that he was expecting it did not seem right at all.

Soon, Han Qianqian had reached the front of the ring, and then, with a slight halt, neither went up nor retreated.

Onlookers were pointing and whispering privately, discussing with derision what Han Qianqian was doing.

Han Qianqian raised his eyes and looked at the ring, which was nearly three metres high. He had stopped here, not for anything else, but to think about how to get up there.

Without the seal of the earth, Han Qianqian would not have cared about such a height, but without the use of his true power, this height was a bit awkward for him.

The little black stick could take him up, but it was the only thing he had left.

It was not what Han Qianqian wanted to do to reveal his killing strokes in advance.

So, Han Qianqian thought about it and, in front of everyone, suddenly made a move that made the whole audience laugh ……

He only saw him raise his hands high, then crouched slightly on his feet, and under everyone’s uncomprehending gaze, he jumped violently upwards, then clasped his hands directly onto the bottom edge of the bottom of the ring ……


“Holy f*ck, my eyes!!!”

The stage was filled with laughter, curses and sneers as Han Qianqian used the most primitive way possible, jumping and climbing ……

In the eyes of these demons, it was barely different from watching little kids flipping over small fences there.

“f*ck, where is this idiot from, is he here to be funny or to fight in the ring? He can’t even get into a f*cking ring and he’s actually challenging Lord Ruyu?”

“I said earlier that Lord Zhu City’s match was actually set up very reasonably, like the person who challenged first should have a shorter incense to make up for the loss of his first fight. But now it seems that the biggest f*cking loophole in this is this kid ……”

A group of people laughed and looked at ……