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His Destined Path Chapter 3278

Although he had been polite enough when he met Han Qianqian, politeness was a matter of character, but dignity was a matter of face.

Since his opponent wanted to give him three moves, the only thing he could do was not to respond politely to the three moves, but to take his opponent’s life within three moves.

Only by doing so would he be able to establish his authority in front of the public.

With this in mind, Prince Ruyu moved his feet, his body swirled with demonic flow, and the next second, he rushed towards Han Qianqian.

The speed of Duke Ruyu was very fast, but everything is relative, at least in Han Qianqian’s case, Duke Ruyu’s proud speed was not the least bit useful.

Han Qianqian could observe his every movement and even anticipate what he wanted to do.

This is just like a crippled adult facing a fierce child at this time.

Although …… at this time Han Qianqian, the so-called crippled adult, was crippled somewhat miserably.

However, Han Qianqian was not without means, almost the instant that Duke Ruyu attacked, Han Qianqian’s body also slightly side, almost by a distance of a hair away from just dodging Duke Ruyu’s strike.


As Duke Ruyu brushed past him, Han Qianqian stood up slightly and indifferently touched his face with his hand.

“Interesting.” Han Qianqian laughed gently, despite dodging quickly enough, his face was still grazed by this fellow, the slightest hint of blood staining his hand.

Fortunately, with the little black stick around, Han Qianqian was able to keep it completely attached to his body in time to use its power to drive his body to dodge at the most dangerous moment.

Otherwise, even if Han Qianqian could perfectly judge all of Ruyu Gongzi’s attacks, it would be absolutely impossible for him to reflect them with his current body.

“First move!” Han Qianqian laughed.

“What?” Duke Ruyu snapped back, somewhat in disbelief that Han Qianqian had just perfectly dodged his fierce strike.

This was not very common, at least among the various types of opponents he had fought over the years.


And almost at the same time, the audience on the stage gasped in astonishment. Even though Han Qianqian hadn’t done any damage to Duke Ruyu, their heart expectations were that Han Qianqian would be defeated within one move and wouldn’t even last a second on stage, and now that the first move had been dodged by Han Qianqian, naturally a group of people were quite shocked.

“Two more moves.” Han Qianqian smiled, his hands still tucked behind his back, standing proudly.

Duke Ruyu let out a cold laugh, “You really do have some skills, no wonder you had to take three moves from Mr. Ning.”

“However, we were just being polite to each other, but this second move will not be polite to Ning, brother, sorry.” With those words, Duke Ruyu rea*sembled his demonic Qi.

At this moment, the demonic Qi flowed extremely fast, even circling around him in ripples.


The floor of the ring made of stone beneath his feet also began to crack where his feet were, clearly, after Duke Ru Yu had failed to land a single blow, he was already angry in his heart and was determined to get his face back!

“Dragon Fist!”

Just as the words left his mouth, Duke Ru Yu’s fist came blasting straight at him.

Don’t look at him as if he was flamboyant and polite, but in reality, when this fist blasted over, the power it carried was far more terrifying than any large man Han Qianqian had ever seen.

Even the wind in his hand was like a sharp blade, and the energy in his hand turned into a wild dragon.

Seemingly knowing that he was a little slow last time, this time Prince Ruyu had obviously increased his speed to the maximum, and the entire fist wind was extremely wide, clearly making it impossible for Han Qianqian to dodge or retreat.

Han Qianqian frowned, not daring to be careless in the slightest, and his mind moved directly.

But a moment later, Han Qianqian smiled faintly, he was still too young.

Immediately afterwards, in front of everyone’s astonished gaze, Han Qianqian didn’t even dodge this time, but directly took a horse stance in place and formed a palm with one hand to meet the battle on the spot!


With a loud bang, Prince Ruyu’s fist struck Han Qianqian’s palm directly.

The ground cracked several metres, but the terrifying thing was that Han Qianqian was still crouching there steadily.

The crowd of spectators felt their scalps tingling, some of them even frantically grabbed their hair, unable to accept what they were seeing.

“The second move has pa*sed, Duke Ruyu, your chance is running out, there is still one last move left.” Han Qianqian smiled coldly.