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His Destined Path Chapter 3279


On top of the ring’s grandstand, Zhu Yan’er, who was draped in a cover, stood up violently, and on top of the hall seat, Zhu Yanshuo also rose directly, shocked by the scene.

As Han Qianqian had said, he had really given up his moves, and the key was that he had given up his moves twice. If the dodging could be explained by luck, then this real hard fight was now a pure display of strength.

This is simply unacceptable, after all, the powerful ghost-faced person just now had difficulty in deflecting Ruyu’s attack on the gongzi, but it was this unknown kid in front of him who surprised everyone by eating him alive.

“It is difficult to ……” Zhu Yanshuo frowned, it is difficult to be really a prophecy?

Duke Ruyu was also greatly shocked at this time, this punch he was almost incomparably confident, but the result turned his confidence into self-doubt.

In his eyes, Han Qianqian was nothing more than a mediocre person, and even now, he hadn’t even released his true energy, which meant that he didn’t have any true energy at all.

Since this was the case, what qualifications did he have to be able to take this move hard?

“Although you’ve become faster, it’s also because you’ve focused on speed that you’ve neglected strength.” Han Qianqian smiled gently and gave his explanation.

At the beginning of observing this attack from Duke Ruyu, Han Qianqian did despair a little, after all, it was clearly no longer realistic to rely on the little black stick to help him dodge.

However, when he looked more closely, Han Qianqian discovered the end of each of these, which is why he forced the little black stick to turn into a protective hand and hide it inside his sleeve, and took this move of Lord Ruyu’s with his palm.

“The third move I suggest you do both.” Han Qianqian smiled gently, then, with a palm pushing away Duke Ruyu’s fist, he stood up slightly and moved from the extremely cracked ground, repositioning his hands behind his back and standing proudly.

Ruyu was furious, with his qualifications, when had it ever been his turn to have someone pointing fingers in front of him, let alone a trashy little stifler that even the crowd looked down on?

Politeness is polite, but that is all for show, how much respect can he actually have for Han Qianqian in his heart!

But at this moment, even though he was very angry, he was unable to retort, and this was the most depressing part of his life.

Han Qianqian’s words were harsh, but unfortunately, they were true to his heart. He was really anxious to regain face because he had been dodged by Han Qianqian the first time, so he directly improved his speed, and at the same time, in order to be sure, the area between his fists this time was also very large, making it impossible for Han Qianqian to dodge like he did last time.

But everything has its advantages and disadvantages, the speed has kept up, the area has also kept up, but the only thing that has been scattered is the power.

“It seems that I have underestimated you.” Duke Ruyu held back his anger, and with a shake of his bland hand, a brush appeared in his hand.

“It’s okay to underestimate me, never better than underestimating from start to finish.” Han Qianqian smiled gently, “Do it.”

“Good.” Duke Ruyu nodded and took a slight half-step back, followed by a grip in his hand, the brush instantly spinning in his palm at speed.

“Going to use a weapon?” Han Qianqian smiled gently, “It’s quite good.”

Duke Ruyu laughed coldly and poured his demonic qi into his hand, and in the next second, with a slap in his hand, the brush came blasting directly towards Han Qianqian.

“Bang Bang Bang!”

Although the pen had not yet arrived, almost as soon as it was released from his hand, a series of explosions occurred within a few metres around the pen.

At the bottom of the stage, the crowd, who had just been stunned by Han Qianqian, were now stunned by Prince Ruyu again and again, and were in an uproar.

Many of the spectators who were closer to the ring felt a strange force coming over them, blowing their eyes almost completely open.

On top of the grandstand, the two siblings of the Zhu family also rose up violently because of the force.

Only Han Qianqian, smiling gently, remained there at this moment, not moving or shaking, only a cold smile outlined on his mouth ……