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His Destined Path Chapter 3281

With a crisp sound, when everyone looked at it, a magic pen fell to the ground with the sound and flicked gently.

Han Qianqian frowned, “What does Duke Ruyu mean by this?”

Prince Ruyu smiled gently, and then, with his empty hands, he clasped his fist slightly, and simply said, “I dare not ask you for your name, Mr. Ning?”

“I don’t have a first name, but as I said earlier, it’s just Han.” Han Qiancheng said.

Prince Ruyu nodded, “I am Ning Ruyu, the only son of the thirteen provinces of the devil race, if there is an opportunity in the future, I hope that Prince Han and I can have dealings.”

After saying this, he gave a clean bow towards Han Qianqian, then glanced at City Master Zhu and said, “I concede defeat.”

“Admit defeat?”

When they heard this word, everyone couldn’t help but shudder.

The gambler at that moment was even more exaggerated, when Han Qianqian was about to concede three moves, it almost made him close to collapse, but when Han Qianqian next made a double move without losing, it made the rather desperate man see real hope, so the excitement and anxiety had basically long made this gambler’s entire body sweaty.

Not only were his palms almost wet, but even his forehead was raining at this point.

He was frantically wiping the sweat from his face, his mouth dry and fidgety, and he was staring at the stage with all his heart and soul.

But what made him sweat even more furiously was that Han Qianqian had really resisted the third attack, and he frantically ran his tongue over his lips to ease his nerves.

He had bet on Han Qianqian to win, and if the 100,000 purple crystals were successful, he would get more than 30 million in compensation at 320 times the price, so how could he not be so nervous as to go crazy?

The gambler was nervous, and obviously, the person sitting at the dealer was also more nervous.

Thirty-two million amethysts, he wouldn’t get them, but he’d have to f*cking pay for them.

If he was dreaming before the match started, thinking about the end of the match and collecting the fortune of the gambling dogs by sitting on the banker, he was now in the realm of the six masters and no gods.

The entire handicap was only a few f*cking million, and if this were to happen, not only would the handicap be emptied, but he would have to lose the rest of his f*cking life.

But at this very moment, when all the parties were thinking about each other, Prince Ruyu admitted defeat with a single sentence, directly causing everyone on the scene to break their defences.


First of all, the man sitting at the banker’s table, who had been so proud earlier, could only be described as a lost soul now, as he stumbled on his butt and fell to the ground, his eyes full of despair.

The people beside him who had placed their bets were all stunned, as if they had been struck by a thunderbolt.

Only one man, whose whole body was trembling madly, fell to the ground, almost as weak as the man at the banker’s table.

But unlike the sitter, one had completely lost all hope, while the other was unable to stand still because of overexcitement.

“What the f*ck, Lord Ruyu, you just f*cking conceded defeat?”

“f*ck me, how much did that kid f*cking pay you, you’re f*cking playing a fake match aren’t you?”

“He must be a pawn, otherwise, that punk on stage must be Miss Zhu’s little white boy, he’s in cahoots with Lord Zhu and Prince Ruyu to put on a show.”

Many people were furious and cursed loudly towards the stands.

But in response to these curses and the agitated crowd, Zhu Chengcheng was surprised and seemed to expect it, glancing at Prince Ruyu and asking, “Are you sure?”

After saying this, he also glanced at the angry crowd at the bottom.

After all, Duke Ruyu’s actions at this time had completely and utterly angered everyone, and if he were to admit defeat at this time, not to mention the issue of whether or not he had any face, even those who had stormed off would directly take action, thus threatening the safety of Duke Ruyu’s life.

The Duke of Ruyu smiled bitterly, glanced at the anger-filled crowd below the stage and shook his head bitterly, “Even if they put a knife to my neck, I still choose to concede defeat.”

With those words, he bowed once more to Han Qianqian and turned around and went straight off the stage.

The stage, too, was instantly in chaos, with countless people rushing towards Ruyu Gongzi’s side ……