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His Destined Path Chapter 3282

“Lord Ruyu, what is wrong with you?”

“Is there something inside this matter, has Lord Zhu used some tactics?”

“Yes, Lord Ruyu, if you have something to say, just say it, we are all here, if there is any injustice, we will help you to take revenge, you can’t just give in and admit defeat.”

Countless people filled the area around the stage where Prince Ruyu stepped down.

Master Lu, who was also leading Pig San at this time, was the first to surround his own Duke, trying to hold back wave after wave of people for him.

With Pig San, a big man, around, Mr. Lu and Duke Ruyu had quite a good amount of space. At this moment, while supporting his own Duke, Mr. Lu asked in a soft voice, “Duke, what is this all about?”

As one of his own, Mr. Lu naturally knew better than anyone else that there could not be any external pressure on his son, but he was really puzzled by his son’s hasty admission of defeat.

Mr. Ruyu smiled gently and did not reply to Mr. Lu, instead, he pushed Pig San slightly away from him and directly faced the surging crowd.

When Pig San roared angrily, the people around him quickly quieted down considerably, and only then did Duke Ru Yu slowly opened his mouth, “I am not talented, and although my family is not considered to be very powerful, I believe that the Ning family still has more or less shallow prestige among the demon race, so if anyone wants to threaten the Ning family, I am afraid it would be harder than climbing to the top of the sky.”

“I know that the group is quite puzzled by Ning’s admission of defeat, but in truth, it is only the devil in everyone’s heart.”

“All of you are only willing to believe what you want to believe, and not those you are not willing to believe, aren’t you?”

When these words were spoken, the crowd, which had just been surging, looked rather embarra*sed, and their aura also dropped extremely in a steep manner.

Seeing this, Duke Ruyu smiled gently, “On the stage just now, Duke Han had already given Ning three strokes, the first two strokes Ning did not lose, but what about the third?”

“I believe everyone has already seen the result, not only did Sir Han break Ning’s move, he even forced the dagger to my throat in a flash of lightning, he only needed to exert a slight force, Ning would have died on the spot without a burial place, only, Sir Han was kind-hearted, not only did he not kill Ning, but also insisted on the three moves to withdraw the dagger, so Ning saved his life.”

“If you could have killed Ning with your mere defence, what is the point of the next match?”

“I concede defeat to Ning, and I am convinced.”

With those words, he glanced gratefully at Han Qianqian on the stage and turned to leave with a group of his own men.

As soon as he left, the remaining group of people were also indifferent on the ground. It was not that they did not understand the words of Lord Ning, and he had even completely spoken the minds of many people present.

The group was all present, so how could they have turned a blind eye to the fight between Han Qianqian and Duke Ruyu?

It was just that, as Duke Ruyu had said, they just didn’t want to believe what they didn’t want to believe. It was hard for them to admit that someone else was stronger, but it was even harder for them to admit that someone they thought was not as strong as they were.

Anyway, their lives were not theirs, so it was only natural that they were unhappy with Ruyu’s “haste”, so it was understandable that they wanted Ruyu to fight again.

However, if one were to look at the matter rationally from Ruyu’s point of view, it would seem that his choice was just as human as it should be.

On the stand, after the official had froze, he re-lit the long incense belonging to Han Qianqian.

According to the rules, Han Qianqian’s bloodless victory was a bit of a surprise, but it was indisputable.

Therefore, it was only natural that his incense was lit.

“Sir Han has won, is there anyone else who wishes to continue the challenge? If the incense has finished, then Sir Han will be the ring master this time.” The courtesy officer gently shouted and looked down the stage to see if there were any challengers.

Although the clamouring on the stage was strong, at this moment, as the courtesy officer swept his gaze, they all lowered their heads.

Even Prince Ruyu had been defeated within three moves, so how many more daring people would dare to risk their lives by touching this brow again?

The incense, too, burned shorter and shorter in the silence of the crowd.

The wind was blowing and the last remnants of the incense were about to be blown off ……