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His Destined Path Chapter 3284

Sweeping a glance at Zhu Jianshuo next to her, Black Mountain Demon Girl smiled gently and slowly landed on top of the ring, facing Han Qianqian’s proud stand, and she stood equally proud.

“Buy …… buy or not.” At this time that sitter reared up from the ground, grabbed the gambler and roared wildly, “Or do you continue to buy that brat to win?”

“How about I …… I f*cking give you a thousand times the odds?”

The defeat of Prince Ruyu just now almost cost this banker his trousers, a whole 32 million purple crystals, not to mention killing him, even if you let him live and earn his whole life he would never be able to earn enough for such astronomical figures.

So, the only hope was to drag the gambler into another game.

Although it was true that the gambler could refuse, what if that foolish man was stupid enough to come and get a hand? Then one would have every chance to turn the tables again.

The gambler was also visibly stunned, and the nature of the dog gambler made him nod almost without thinking, but luckily what was left of his sanity took over: “You pay me the 32 million first, and I’ll naturally continue the bet with you.”

The dog dealer panicked and gave the gambler the deposit he had taken and all the money he had with him: “How about giving you this much first and continuing to gamble with me for the rest?”

“Do you have any more to bet?” The gambler counted down, although the gap from thirty-two million was really too big, but the sitter killed the other bets, still had several million amethysts, barely enough to pay off his debts as well as dash, so that remaining sanity was almost gone, completely revealing the nature of a gambling dog.

“I ……” The sitter froze, then put his heart on the line: “I still have a mansion, a daughter-in-law, and a daughter, and my daughter just turned sixteen this year.”

“If you win, they will all be yours, and if not, the rest of the account will be written off, what do you think?”

The gambler took a glance at the banker, he looked quite good, so naturally the wife he had found wouldn’t be too bad.

The gambler laughed at this thought and glanced at the banker: “I’ll play with you.”

“Good, then let’s settle it.”

One mad dog and one gambling dog, the stage was set, and at this time, on the stage, although the two sides had long since set up their stance, neither of them was eager to make a move.

Instead, they were waiting for someone else to make the first move.

What he didn’t know was that Han Qianqian had relied on a magical gadget, a small black stick, to stop him.

So with one blow, Han Qianqian naturally won.

From Prince Ruyu’s point of view, he felt that his opponent was defeated without even making a move, so there was no need to fight again, but from a practical point of view, as long as he launched a slight close attack, he would have completely won the game.

Unfortunately …… Ruyu Gongzi did not do so.

But now it was different, suddenly there was an additional expert with the cultivation level of a demon dweller, Han Qianqian was not afraid before he had the Seal of the Earth, but with the Seal of the Earth, a rash attack would only put him in a bitter battle, or even directly worship to reveal his problems.

And although Black Mountain Demon Princess kept her mind at ease, she was after all facing someone who needed her own personal hand and had stood in the ring for a long time without anyone daring to attack, so she obviously could not be too careless.

Both sides were testing each other, and for a while the dozens of seconds after the salutatorian announced the start, it turned out to be a complete stalemate.

“Are you looking for death?” The Black Mountain Demon Lady suddenly frowned, “Meeting me and still not activating your true power until now?”

As expected, this b*tch couldn’t help herself, Han Qianqian smiled faintly, “Whether you’re looking for death or not, you won’t know until you try, rushing up here, and as a result, you’re just going to be here, grinding your lips with me?”

When she heard this, the Black Mountain Demon Princess was furious, no one had ever dared to speak to her like this before, it was really annoying.

“I will take your life right away.” As soon as the words left her mouth, black Qi surged out from Black Mountain Demon Princess’ body, her aura was so terrifying that it almost turned the surrounding area black, and then she attacked Han Qianqian directly.

With this strike, even Han Qianqian himself, not to mention those watching the battle, could not help but shudder.

It was truly worthy of being a super expert at the Demon Dweller level.

“Wait, pause.”

But at that moment, Han Qianqian suddenly raised his big hand and shouted in a loud voice ……