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His Destined Path Chapter 3285

As he shouted, he raised his hand, and the Black Mountain Demon Girl, who had been gathering momentum, hastily braked, stopping almost silently at a distance of less than five centimeters from Han Qianqian’s hand.

The black Qi she was carrying behind her also surged wildly behind her like a huge tail of air.

“sh*t, what the hell?”

“f*ck, a fight can still be paused, huh?”

“He’s not going to say his shoes aren’t tied, is he?”

On the stage floor, Han Qianqian also looked extremely confused and dissatisfied with the sudden pause called halfway through the match.

This is a fight to the death, how the hell can you play like this!

“What, are you afraid?” Black Mountain Demon Girl frowned, also having her own irritation, and looked at Han Qianqian without the slightest bit of ceremony.

Han Qianqian smiled indifferently, “If I was afraid, I wouldn’t fight you, would I?”

The words fell, Han Qianqian directly blocked her hand in order to keep her at a certain distance from himself: “The pause is to say something useful to you and me, are you interested?”

“If you are afraid, why do you need to make so many excuses?” The black mountain demon girl did not have a good mood and said coldly, turning her face directly to the side, ignoring Han Qianqian at all.

There were many curses from the bottom of the stage, but it didn’t matter to Han Qianqian, the most important thing was that the attitude of Black Mountain Demon Princess was at least in line with his expectations.

Although she was very upset, she was obviously amused by Han Qianqian’s words.

“The tournament has been going on for so long, there’s no point in fighting all the time, right? Besides, although the tournament ring seems big enough, it’s also too small for you and me, isn’t it?” Han Qianqian said leisurely.

“What exactly are you trying to say?” Black Mountain Demon Girl couldn’t suppress her temper, impatiently twisting her head and drinking.

Han Qianqian smiled, he was good at this kind of thing, this is probably the experience he learned from others who kept messing with his mind.

This is why the ancients used to say, “When a man loses his horse, he doesn’t know that it’s not a blessing, and this is not without reason.

“It’s simple, how about a different kind of match, one move to determine the winner?”

“One move to determine the winner?” Hearing Han Qianqian’s words, the Black Mountain Demon Princess was clearly stunned.

“Exactly.” Han Qianqian smiled, “It saves so much trouble, what do you think?”

Black Mountain Demon Princess stifled her silence, not answering right away, but instead pondering what kind of trickery this fellow Han Qianqian was playing.

“What, are you afraid?” Han Qianqian laughed.

“I’m afraid of you?” She was just weighing her options and guessing what Han Qianqian was up to, but if it was a true one-strike deal, she wouldn’t even think about saying yes.

Because she was a highly explosive expert, a battle of attrition was relatively hard for her. It was for this reason that she gave it more thought, as it was possible that Han Qianqian was the same as herself.

“One move is simply a competition, it’s about everyone’s real skills, so it’s not necessary to do so many tricks, and then the loser will say that the winner has won.” Han Qianqian, the b*****d, said while the iron was hot.

The first time I thought about what Han Qianqian said was also reasonable, and if I refused at this time, I would be laughed at by this guy for not daring to take the move.

“Okay, I’ll let you do it, but you better not regret it.” With these words, Black Mountain Demon Princess nodded at the courtesy officer next to her and Zhu City Master, who was not far away, signalling her agreement with Han Qianqian’s change of play.

Zhu City Master also nodded, and the courtesy officer took a few steps forward and announced loudly, “Gentlemen, after unanimous deliberation, this round of the tournament is divided into one move to determine the winner.”

As soon as the courtesy officer announced, the stage became even more boisterous.

“What the f*ck, a pause to play a one-move game?”

“That grandson’s pause was stupid enough, but I didn’t think it would be even more stupid, this idiot actually wants to play a one-move game with the Black Mountain Demon Girl.

“This is called carrying a lantern to the cottage, trying to find a way to die, Black Mountain Demon Princess nicknamed three consecutive souls, meaning that within three moves will be able to kill people, this is enough to see how terrifying Black Mountain Demon Princess explosive power, and this grandson is playing this move with others?” The man shook his head in speechless amusement, clearly the best conclusion to his words.

On the contrary, Han Qianqian on the stage was not the least bit anxious, but instead took a slight step back and uttered a sentence that made the whole audience faint straight away.