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His Destined Path Chapter 3289

“What’s that again?”

Someone in the crowd could not help but sigh in the same way when they saw the small thing that shone with four colours.

Yes, it was small, barely even as small as a fist of a demon like them, and the four-coloured light it emitted was faint, but it was this faint light that hardened everyone to feel its unusual nature.

It was a strange power, or even, you could say, four strands of power.

“So… so familiar, but, but it seems like I haven’t seen it before.” Zhu Yan Shuo frowned, not really sure why he had a particularly strange feeling in his heart.

The Black Mountain Demon Princess also frowned tightly herself, and like Zhu Yanshuo, she too had the same unusually strange feeling, indefinable and unexplainable.

The Five Elements Divine Stone!

Like the Four Heavenly Beasts Totem, it also protected its master at a critical moment when Han Qianqian’s life was fatally threatened.

Four strands of power slowly wrapped around Han Qianqian, who was scattered with a golden body, two of which repaired Han Qianqian’s damaged body, while the other two strands fused with the golden body’s golden light, as if they were comrades who hadn’t seen each other for years and were back on the same battle line, unfamiliar yet familiar with each other against their enemies.

“What on earth is this guy’s origin?” Zhu Yan’er snapped to her feet, puzzled as to why Han Qianqian would resist a move from the Black-Eyed Mountain Demon Princess in such a manner.

She was even more puzzled as to what all these weird things Han Qianqian had.

The Black Mountain Demon Girl’s eyes were fixed in a deadly stare, while her hands were still ready to be countered at any time. Despite having agreed beforehand that one move would determine the winner, her subconscious was also making her silently prepare herself against such a strange Han Qianqian.


As all the light from Han Qianqian’s body exploded, charging straight at the fierce attack of demonic Qi on the periphery, the two strands of light exploded with a loud bang before all the light from Han Qianqian’s body dissipated.

Everything, it seemed, had turned calm.



But a remaining demonic qi still penetrated Han Qianqian’s body like a long sword before it completely dissipated ……


Han Qianqian instantly spurted a mouthful of blood, spraying like a blood mist that filled the sky.


And almost at the same time, under the stands, the onlookers were shouting with clenched fists.

After all the twists and turns, the final result was still very satisfying to them. In the end, it was Black Mountain Demon Girl who was the most skillful, and she almost landed the most fatal blow in a whistle-stop manner.

“As it turns out, there is no point in engaging in a bunch of fancy stuff, at least in the face of absolute strength, there is hardly any difference from a jumping clown.”

“This kid was a complete waste in my eyes at first, although he lost, but, to be honest, he did break my original impression of him, at least he managed to last that long under such a fierce attack from Black Mountain Demon Girl.”

“Being able to hold on for one second and holding on for ten seconds, there’s really no difference in essence, they’re both losses. However, objectively I agree with you that this kid is far from being as wasteful as he appears to be. However, it’s a pity that this guy’s mouth is too foul, if he had admitted defeat to Black Mountain Demon Girl earlier, he wouldn’t have actually gotten himself killed.”

“So, there must be a familiar self-knowledge of how much weight one has, and if a toad wants to eat swan flesh, he will end up with his toad skin being stripped off.”

In the stands, the crowd was loud and eloquent, and although they were no longer so vicious in their abuse of Han Qianqian, they were really only being “nice” because they were happy to see the result.

However, in contrast to them, the real participant, Black Mountain Demon Princess, was not the least bit happy. She looked at Han Qianqian and stared at him with a deadly gaze, waiting, knowing that now was not the time to be happy.


A loud sound, Han Qianqian’s entire body should sound directly backward smashed to the ground.

At this moment, Black Mountain Demon Princess’s icy face also finally relaxed, revealing a burst of smile.

Only when the enemy in front of her own eyes completely fell could Black Mountain Demon Princess be certain that she had truly won.

Pop, pop, pop!

At the same time, there were thunderous applause on the stage, and the bankers, who had a stake in the game, were cheering and rejoicing.

But almost at that moment, a cough suddenly and untimely appeared ……

Then, a slightly mocking voice also appeared ……