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His Destined Path Chapter 3288


The heavens and the earth changed colour!

The powerful air currents driven by her rushing over even directly caused the entire huge ring to shake wildly, the surrounding air waves broke apart, and countless spectators who were nearly twenty meters away from the ring were all directly knocked over by the air waves.

The officials who were close to the stage were even worse, they didn’t even know what was going on and were blown around the ring like a ball on the spot, rolling around like a ball in the east and west.

“What a force.” Next to the ring, the guards and experts around Zhu Yan’er hurriedly put up an energy wall as a shield, but even so, Zhu Yan’er could almost see with the naked eye that the energy wall had almost completely shattered into a snowflake shape.

Zhu Yanshuo smiled, not shocked, yes, he was very clear about the strength of the Black Mountain Demon Princess, and naturally, he was also extremely satisfied.

Han Qianqian still had his eyes slightly closed, not the slightest bit of panic, even as if he was like a giant mountain, not moving.

But in reality, Han Qianqian had already used his mind to urge the little black stick to turn into an extremely strong armour on the outermost layer of his body, and at the same time, his whole body was closed and hardened, waiting for the terrifying strike of the Black Mountain Demon Princess.

The black stick is a very strong armor, and at the same time, the whole person also closed his breath and hardened his body.

The Black Mountain Demon Lady’s teeth were clenched, D*mn, annoying, she had attacked so fiercely, but Han Qianqian did not move at all.

What the hell does he mean by that?

Sure enough, there really was an ambush, wasn’t there?

“Go to hell.” With a cold voice, as she was already close to Han Qianqian, she punched through, but she had to admit that just because of her earlier worries, plus the slightest concern now, this energy, although not small as well, was by no means at its full strength.


A heaven-breaking blow, coming at the same time!

With a violent explosion, Black Mountain Demon Girl’s punch smashed directly into Han Qianqian’s body with unparalleled solidity.

The huge wave of the explosion directly caused the ground to explode within a few metres of the entire ring, with Han Qianqian at the centre, and huge stones were scattered in all directions as if they had been blasted.

Pain, pain, pain.

Even a guy like Han Qianqian, who had an amazing pain tolerance, couldn’t help but grimace.

It was as if he was being crushed by a dozen large mountains, and everything in his body was being crushed like mad.


There was a loud sound and his muscles exploded!


Blood flowed backwards!

But what made Han Qianqian feel even more desperate was that the body suddenly loosened up at that moment, and Han Qianqian knew that it was the outermost little black stick that had been completely knocked out of the fire.

And this strong stream in front of him continued to squeeze itself without mercy.

Blood, flowing continuously down between his mouth, Han Qianqian felt as if he was about to die.


“You’ve lost.”

Below the stage, the sitters who were further away let out a long breath, finally putting down the boulder in their hearts at this point, as it was clear that the powerful demonic Qi was attacking Han Qianqian in a complete explosion, while at this point Han Qianqian looked more like an egg in front of a boulder.

Not surprisingly, he was on the verge of being destroyed.

The dog gambler also pounded his feet viciously, they say that the more you gamble on a dog, the more you gamble on the dog, and eventually the more you gamble on your family, and now that the present reckoning is playing out, he really regrets that he had to agree to gamble just now.

He really regretted that he had agreed to gamble. He had already used all his life’s luck to gamble right once, but he didn’t know any better and had to be greedy again and again.

Shaking his head helplessly, he resigned himself to it.

But just then, the scene, which was completely blackened by the demonic Qi, was suddenly illuminated by a golden light.

“What’s that?”

The crowd exclaimed, and when the banker and the dog gambler raised their eyes, their faces were filled with shock as they were reflected in the golden light.

At that moment, Han Qianqian, who was in the midst of the demonic Qi, suddenly had a golden glow all over his body!

He was like a divine Buddha in the midst of the demonic Qi.


The dragon appeared!


The phoenix emerges!


The tiger roars!


The Xuanwu stood!

The Totem of the Four Heavenly Beasts blasted into existence beside Han Qianqian!

Majestic and unearthly, the aura was overwhelming.

In the most dangerous of moments, things that belonged to Han Qianqian himself, without the need for Han Qianqian to activate them with his inner strength, they functioned as their own protectors!




Almost at the same time, the three different people, Black Mountain Demon Princess, Zhu Yanshuo, and Zhu Yan’er, however, opened their eyes wide and their mouths open in sync.

How is this possible?!

What is this thing again?!

However, it wasn’t over yet, an even more bizarre thing was still slowly rising in Han Qianqian’s arms at this moment ……